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October 09, 2022 3 min read 1 Comment

We seem to have a knack for really challenging ourselves when it comes to photoshoots. It never fails that we’re having to flex our creative muscles to transform a simple setting into something else entirely. Turning a small-town movie theater into a Nashville stage. Creating a snowscape in 100-degree heat. And now… well, time travel.

For the Walker collection, we wanted it to have the feel of Walker Riddle’s actual life, the cattle drives and the days of the Chisholm Trail. So, we brought in the big guns – someone with a whole lot of hands-on knowledge of setting the scene for a 19th Century cowboy – the one and only, Carla Curry.

Carla, as you may already know, is one of the set dec gurus behind the wildly popular multi-series surrounding the Dutton family dynasty – Yellowstone, 1883, and now, 1923. A dear friend of ours for decades, we are always over the moon when she’s able to join us on a shoot and bring her expertise and eye for authenticity to whatever wild world we’re trying to create.

We sat Carla down for a candid Q&A about working on Walker and Double D in general.

DDR: Well, for starters, the chuck wagon was key to setting this scene. Where did that come from?

Carla: This chuckwagon came from a good friend, Dennis Moore, who owns the Buggy Barn in Blanco, Texas. He has an entire western town that he has built himself, and a huge museum of wagons and buggies of all sorts.

DDR: What were some key elements/artifacts that you thought were essential for setting the scene for Walker?

Carla: Cheryl and I had a lot of fun with this one. I channeled 1883which was still fresh on my mind; we had outfitted many chuckwagons on that show, so this was fun for us to recreate once again.

DDR: Every photoshoot has hiccups and roadblocks and unforeseen obstacles, it seems. What challenges did you face on this shoot?

Carla: Well, we used the chuck wagon on a couple of locations. And since there wasn’t a team of horses to move it, we all jumped in to roll it from one location to the next. It took a village! And Cheryl and Audrey led the charge!

DDR: What do you enjoy about working with Double D Ranch? (i.e. how do we keep luring you back, shoot after exhausting shoot?!)

Carla: I always tell everyone that I love working with this family because of their work ethic. In the film business, we work 14 hours a day, sometimes 7 days a week. These gals work just as hard or harder. I have ultimate love and respect for them, and their continued dedication to their craft. They always amaze me! It’s a privilege to work side by side with them.

DDR: When you’re not pushing chuck wagons for DDR, what project has your focus right now?

Carla: I’m currently on 1923, the sequel to the prequel to Yellowstone. This one is a lot of fun, recreating the saga of the Dutton family in the ‘20s. We are in Butte, Montana, and have the privilege of working with Harrison Ford and Dame Helen Mirren. Amazing cast, amazing location. And another rip-roaring tale as only Taylor Sheridan can tell. Stay tuned!

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September 16, 2023

I am fascinated with your photoshoots! They are so involved and create a real sense of wonder and history. How can all this be possible? It can only come from exceptional people who are so incredibly talented. I am in awe!!

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