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by Halley Sanford August 17, 2019 6 min read 12 Comments


Carla Curry has stories for days. Good ones, too. And not surprisingly, because she has one of the coolest jobs on earth: she’s decorated the sets for dozens of mainstream television shows and major motion pictures. Ever heard ofGodless?Friday Night Lights?Crazy Heart? And oh yeah, a little show calledYellowstone?!

Yep, you heard us! Our girl Carla is the one who’s setting the scene and minding the details to capture all the Dutton drama week after week!


Carla has been a set decorator for 35 years, and a friend of Double D Ranch – both the brand and the team – for going on 20. We’ve provided product for her, and she’s done some styling for us. In fact, Carla was present when we were shooting Giant; we brought her in to style our winter catalog, but we ended up recruiting her to style the whole collection. (She’s just that good, a delight to work with.)

In advance of DDR’s cameo in the “Enemies by Monday” episode of season 2 of Yellowstone airing Wednesday, we thought it would be fun to introduce our fascinating friend to all of y’all. We had a virtual interview with Carla where she got candid about herself, about us, about Yellowstone, and about her famous furry friend. Trust us, it’s worth the read!


DDR: For starters, we want to know a little bit about you, personally. Where are you originally from?  

Carla: Born and raised in Hobbs, New Mexico. Proud to be a New Mexican. Share my hometown with Ryan Bingham, who plays Walker on our show. We both still have family there, and always have to catch up on the Hobbs scene when we see each other on set.

Carla and a few of the guys from Yellowstone

DDR: What a small world! And where do you currently hang your hat?

Carla: I have been married to a Texas rancher for 22 years. We ranch outside of San Marcos, Texas, which gives me a “shorthand” for this show, since it’s largely about ranching. It’s nice to be able to talk to Taylor [Sheridan, the writer/creator of Yellowstone], and understand what he wants because it’s a lot of the same things we do on our ranch.  

*Fun fact: Carla’s ranch just so happens to only be about 20 minutes from where DDR designer Cheryl McMullen lives!

Sets from the television drama, Yellowstone

DDR: Well, that certainly must come in handy. What drew you to set decoration and/or how did you get into it?  

Carla: I was in the right place at the right time. I was living in Tucson, AZ and they were filming a lot of westerns and other big shows there. I was in the process of changing jobs, and a friend who was on a show suggested that I might like the art dept. It happened that this particular crew needed help, and with a recommendation from that friend, they called me. The rest is history. It was creative, and I loved the process of turning “nothing” into a magical set. I instantly found my niche, and have never wanted to do anything else.


DDR: How did you get hooked up with DDR – did you meet the clothes first and then the ladies, or vice versa?

Carla: I had first been a fan of their gorgeous pillows! Back in 2000 I was working on All the Pretty Horses. We had a hacienda scene, and I thought their pillows and décor would be perfect for the set. I reached out to the Yoakum office, and was told to come down and borrow some of the décor for the scenes. I did! And we have been professional and personal friends ever since.

DDR: What else can you tell me about the relationship between you and DDR? Any favorite moments or projects?

Carla: Because of their kindness (which is legendary), we scheduled a set visit for them during the filming of All the Pretty Horses, and at the end of the set tour, Billy Bob Thornton came out and thanked them all, and kindly took photos with everyone.

DDR: A couple of months ago, Cheryl McMullen’s son Jack Matusek got a chance to visit you on the sets of Yellowstone. How was that? He’s one lucky duck!

Carla: We loved having Jack on our sets! I think it was interesting for him to see how things worked on a set. It’s a bit more complicated than you’d think, since we shoot both in Montana and Utah. Details are our specialty. Jack’s visit came when we were filming a scene for season 3 in a cow camp. Complete with an authentic chuck wagon. I think he felt right at home!


DDR: Is it wrong to assume the majority of the heavy lifting is prior to the show’s beginning – really creating the spaces for the first time? What goes on in the day-to-day?

Carla: There is a great deal of prep before we ever start shooting. Once we get the scripts, we start the process of breaking down the different sets, and looking for the things that we need for any particular scene.

DDR: This may seem like a childish question, but do you ever get star-struck working among so many celebrities? 

Carla: The Set Decoration department is ahead of the crew and the actors. We get the sets ready, then move to the next one and get it ready. So our time on set amongst the actors is rather limited. That being said, after 3 seasons of Yellowstone, I have to say that this is one of the nicest, kindest ensembles of actors I’ve worked with.


DDR: What insider knowledge about Yellowstone can you share that you think the mega-fans in our Wolf Pack would find interesting?

Carla: Season 3 is going to be even better! You will get a more in-depth feel of each character. It’s going to be amazing!

DDR: Can you tell me the story (in your words) of how DDR came to be a part of “Enemies by Monday” in Season 2?

Carla: In episode 9 (which airs August 21st), we had a “high-end boutique” in the script. I thought of DDR for this scene, and showed one of their catalogs to our creator/writer Taylor Sheridan. He immediately agreed, so I placed a call to Cheryl and Audrey, and asked if they might be able to help us with this. In three days, we had a complete boutique of DDR! And it was gorgeous! I couldn’t have pulled it off without their help!


DDR: There are a couple of other interesting tidbits we’ve heard tale of that we’re interested in hearing more about. For starters, Mimi the Movie dog! She is practically famous – she has her own Instagram account! (@mimithemoviedog)

Carla: She’s a rescue. [I] found [her] in a Walmart parking lot in the worst part of Albuquerque. It was love at first sight. She’s gone from homeless to Movie Dog. She’s officially our Morale Officer. You can’t have a bad day if she’s around.

DDR: We hear you have a thing for collecting hats...

Carla: I LOVE COWBOY HATS. I have the DDR Trapper, and I have photos of me, in Cheryl’s Old Pawn, and the new Wildcatter. Love them ALL. I work outside a lot, and am obsessed with keeping the sun off. How fab that I can do that AND be fashionable all at the same time.

We truly could’ve talked to her for days, but ya know, she’s got sets to decorate! If you’re interested in reading more about Carla and her work (especially on Yellowstone), she did a fascinating in-depth interview with SDSA International’s “Set Décor” publication.


EDITOR'S NOTE: In our original post, we mistakenly stated that Carla Curry had worked on the films Sicarioand Hell or Highwater. Like her current project, Yellowstone, these films were also written by Taylor Sheridan, but Carla did not provide the set decoration. You can find a complete listing of Carla's impressive career here:

12 Responses


July 10, 2022

Carla, You are fantastic! Where can I get the plaid wallpaper from the Yellowstone ranch kitchen?

Aly from Tucson
Aly from Tucson

February 22, 2022

Carla Jean!!! I saw your name flash by under credits of 1883…thought “could that be…”? So I googled you. Sure enough…just watched your interview! What an awesome life! Drop an email if you can get the time! Hugs!! Aly:)


February 01, 2022

Hello Carla,
I just saw you with the incredible cast, and all the talented behind the scenes people that help put 1883 together.
I love the show! Big Fan in SC!
During the interview, you have on a beautiful orange print scarf paired with a Native American Indian pin, or brooch.
I wanted to ask where you bought the two pieces? I love them, and I would like to add to my collection.
Thank you for your help.
Linda S.

vicky hackman
vicky hackman

January 19, 2022

Hi Carla,
I was wondering if you could send me a good photo of Beth Dutton’s red and gray quilt. I would love to try and duplicate it for myself!

Liz Fisher
Liz Fisher

November 05, 2020

We love the show! I am trying locate the artist that painted the contemporary painting behind Beth’s desk at her office in town. Hopefully you can connect us. Thanks

Mary Gintz
Mary Gintz

October 17, 2020

Hey Carla, I just found this article. I have looked for you for a number of years. I always wondered where you were hanging your hat. Remember College Shop. You can contact me throught my email if you want. I have missed talking to you. Mary

Karla Spiegler
Karla Spiegler

February 17, 2020

Dear Carla,
First. A most happy birthday to you! For all of these years, I sketch your birthday into my calendars. I have also tried to find you to share catch-up.
It was impossible until I found this article! It sounds like you are swell. I am doing well and still living in Tucson. Still an out of door girl. (Tho work gets in the way :)).
I would LOVE to converse with you. And maybe even see you again! We had fun times in Tucson.
You are welcome to use my supplied email to reach me. My fingers are crossed we speak again soon.

bahe katenahy
bahe katenahy

November 03, 2019

Hey, Carla It is Bahe from years, years ago when I worked swing in NMex and Tucson. Friend of David McQuade. Be great to connect if ever possible, and wish I can get back to some shows. Nice read here. Thanks. Kat Bahe


November 03, 2019


Dawn Nivens
Dawn Nivens

November 03, 2019

Love Double D clothing and all their accessories and of course the best boots.
I think there should be a little sale on clothing presented on the show Great Idea!


November 03, 2019

Such an enjoyable article (also the SDSA interview) about a talented woman – would love to follow her around sometime! Great connection & mutual resource with DDR – thanks for sharing it with Wolfpack!

Carina Spies
Carina Spies

November 03, 2019

Wow! This sounds absolutely awesome!!

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