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June 25, 2023 2 min read

One minute we’re tasking her with creating a retro alien vibe without being hokey, and the next we turn around and ask her to doll our gals up like “the horse-girl nextdoor” – you know, not Miss Rodeo America but also not fresh in from shoveling the stables, either. Effortless yet alluring, unfussy, demure with a dab of adventurous. Well that’s about as clear as mud, right?

“When you’ve been working alongside a creative as long as I’ve been working with Cheryl and DDR, you start to speak their language,” explained stylist Lisa Martensen. “It’s a sort of shorthand. She gives me the adjectives that were in her head, I’m able to look at the collection and the set of the photoshoot, and the vision just kind of comes together. For Hay Babies, the resounding theme was ‘fresh-faced’ – not quite rugged like Billy the Kid, not quite as sun-kissed as Desperados, and lightyears (pun intended) away from Throwback’s galactic glam! Think golden straw, dewy face, golden glow – summertime ‘70s au natural.”


Hourglass Concealer in Fawn

“Fresh glow. This is your canvas, so you can’t create a ‘fresh-faced’ look with a heavy foundation. I stuck with concealer only, just to even out. It’s easy, when we’re working on our own face, inches away from our magnifying mirror, to want to cover and correct every little tiny imperfection we see, but remember with this look, you want fresh over flawless.”


M.A.C. Eyeshadow in Cork

“Your gals should have this memorized by now, I think it’s all I ever say about brows – broken record! Fill it in with a matte shadow powder, furry and blurry.”



Tom Ford Eye Quad

“No liner for this look, and of course, no mascara. Here’s a hint: If I’m going to go the mascara route, I’m probably going with falsies – there’s really no in-between for me. I used a Tom Ford Quad* brushed on the lid and softly below, just kind of a soft, golden glow that’s not too defined.”

*The quad Lisa used, #26 Visionaire has been discontinued, but #01 Golden Mink (linked above) is a close dupe.


RMS Lip2Cheek in Demure and Promise; Hourglass Ambient Lighting in Diffused Bronze Light

“Usually, I will either use a blush or a bronzer, but for this look, I used both. I wanted the softness and femininity that a blush provides, but the outdoorsy edge that a bronzer can bring. I actually mixed two shades of my RMS crème blush, and then brushed the Hourglass lighting bronzer on top.”


NYX Lip Pencil in 857 Nude Beige

“Very sutble, natural lip for this look. I did a soft nude liner and blended it toward the center with my go-to Blistex balm. No strong color, no gloss.”


Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

“Natural, ‘piecey’ hair. I played up the natural wavy texture with some texture spray and then let it fall and frame their face. This look would also work really well with loose fishtail braid, if you have longer hair.”

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