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March 19, 2023 2 min read

Lisa Martensen dazzled us once again, capturing the essence of this collection and creating a look that’s “green and gritty” – yet totally glam!

“That’s really what I had in mind,” Lisa laughed. “Just green and gritty. It’s spring, it’s the desert, and you know, if you’ve seen the collection, there is a lot of green and what’s not green is well complemented by green. But, I’ll be the first to admit green can be tricky – you can go from elegant to alien REAL quick! Just stay soft and subtle on the eye, and keep everything else neutral.”


“A natural, light foundation. This look is outdoorsy, so you don’t want to appear overly dolled up. Even a tinted moisturizer could work, if you have one you like, otherwise aim for something matte.”


“Do I even need to say it? (laughs) Brush some eyeshadow in those babies and make them soft and strong! I always say ‘furry and blurry’, prominent but not too precise. I used a MAC Matte Shadow because I like the way it stays. The shade will depend on your natural color, aim one shade darker.”


“This is where it’s going to take some practice and playing. I lined the eye with Hourglass Gel Eyeliner in Obsidian, upper and lower, waterline and lash line; an imperfect smudge around the entire eye. On the lid, I used the emerald green shadow from the B.H. Cosmetics Sapphire September palette, which I think was a limited edition palette, so you may just have to try to find something close, but a matte green on the top lid. Here’s the sneaky trick: next to the lashes – upper and lower – I put dark teal on top of the liner and faded it into the green. Of course, no mascara.”


“The eyes are the intrigue with this look, so I kept the lips very neutral with just a hint of shine. I lined them with a $5 favorite, an NYX Pencil (in Taupe) that is actually an eyeliner but worked great here, topped with Poppy & Ivy Glow Lip Gel.”

Whattaya think, ladies? Are you going to dare to doll up like a Desert Desperado? We want to see it!

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