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May 28, 2023 3 min read

Channeling a little Judy Jetson coquette combined with a futuristic fashionista, makeup guru Lisa Martensen created a look that is, dare we say, stellar.

The secret, she says, is applying a pure white cream to the eye – and let it dry – before you apply your pigmented shadow. Not only does this allow you to experiment with your outline (in this case, an angular wing) before you commit with color, but it also creates an intensity you can’t achieve on a bare lid. It really makes that powder blue pop! After all, nothing says ‘far out’ like some old school ice blue eyeshadow.

“The inspiration was kind of a 1960s or ‘70s sexy Italian alien robot,” Lisa laughed. “Glamorous and icy, lots of metallic shimmer, but only on the face, very matte eyes and lips.”

Think you might want to give the galactic look a go? Here are Lisa’s tips for mastering that out-of-this-world aesthetic.


“Go matte or even bare. I played up their natural skin tone. When we were shooting outside I used Face Atelier Ultra Foundation Pro (#2 Ivory), but in the studio I could get away with just a little Hourglass concealer in Fawn and RMS Magic Luminizer.”


“The distinct difference here was no arch. I filled in the brows with a powder shadow, like I often do, but this time I used a matte grey (Magnet) from the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette, and I went very straight with it. Again, think upscale alien robot.”


“This was always going to be the star, this was where I was going to have some fun. Given not only the theme but also the colors of the collection, it had to be a retro, icy, spacey blue. The key, like I said, is layer it with white. If you’re going to do the daring wing, draw it out first in white, I used a Make Up For Ever pencil (104 All Around White). Fill in the lid and let it dry; I used Ben Nye Crème Color in Flat White, but Urban Decay has a great matte white cream shadow stick (in HEY-O). For the pigment, I used Lethal Cosmetics MAGENTIC Pressed Eyeshadow in ‘Surge’, it’s an intense matte cobalt, layered on top of the white. I will add here, that when we moved to the studio, I did add thin line of my MAC Gel Liner (Blacktrack) at the lashline and extended out to the wing; it helped it pop in studio lighting, but that’s something you can try with your look.”


“Minimal, it wasn’t really blushed and it definitely wasn’t bronzed, just a little Benefit Dandelion Twinkle highlighter, on the cheek as well as the forehead.”Text


“This is the other significant difference between the on-set and studio looks. When we were shooting on set, i.e. outdoors at night, I kept the lip flat and neutral with just the RMS Magic Illuminizer, no gloss or anything. In the studio, however, we played up the retro reds of the collection with MAC Red Rock Lipstick mixed with my go to balm, Blistex D.C.T. The red lip read better on-camera up against the studio backdrop, but if you’re trying this look yourself, it’s really a matter of personal preference, but I do encourage you to take a step back and evaluate the all-over look because blue shadow and a red lip can easily get overwhelming.”

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