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January 29, 2023 3 min read

Well, not really – Billy the Kid and his cronies donned nothing but dirt – but once again, super-stylist Lisa Martensen managed to create a look that was aesthetically pleasing yet felt authentic to the outlaw vibe. 

“When you think of Billy the Kid, you think of that whole time period of the Wild West, which was kind of dirty and dusty and of the elements,” Lisa explained. “So, I really aimed for earthy, strong, tough; I steered away from anything too girly – pinks or anything like that. It was also important to stay away from black, as it could make the look a little too harsh.”

Here are a few pro tips and products from Lisa to help you recreate that renegade look.


Hourglass Varnish – Sepia 5

“No base or foundation for this look, but I did dab on some concealer – my go-to Hourglass – in Sepia, because the undertones of that are neutral, rather than a pink/peach. It kind of set the tone for the direction I wanted to go with the palette.


Tom Ford – Dark Victory

“Nothing new here, the same brow technique I’ve been preaching forever. Full, furry, and blurry! Use a matte brown shadow and a flat brush. Obviously, more of a taupe if you’re blonde, but Kaylin and Tori are both brunette, so this Tom Ford worked well to fill out their brows.”


Thrive Cosmetics Focus Eyeshadow Palette #3
Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Espresso Ink
MakeUp ForEver Microfinishing Powder

“Sepia and browns on the lid, pretty heavy on the lid, and then use a flat brush to line a little under the eye as well. I used a combination of different hues from my big ol’ kit, but you can get all the hues in a single palette, Thrive has one that would work well for this look. I did do some liner, Bobbi Brown Gel Liner that I smudged, I didn’t want it to be too precise or overdone; it’s important that you use a brown here, I used Espresso Ink, because black will be too harsh. Then I topped it with MakeUp ForEver powder, which is an iridescent pearl color. And as always, no mascara.”


RMS Buriti Bronzer

“Remember, we want to steer away from pinks, anything too girly or demure, so you’ll want to use a bronzer over a blush. RMS is my go-to and I like to recommend it because the creams tend to be a little bit easier to work with. Powder bronzers can get away from you pretty easily, but the cream you can blend and then layer if you need to.”


RMS Buriti Bronzer
Blistex DCT

“I dabbed just a little of that RMS bronzer on their lips for a subtle tint that ties the whole look together, and then topped it with clear balm for some soft shine.”



Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

“Loose and messy. I gave them a little texture with the texturizing spray and just kind of let it do its own thing. I think a loose, messy braid would also work well with this look. I think the only rule is to do nothing too ‘done up’ – you’re a rebel after all, outlaws don’t fuss with their hair!”

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