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February 16, 2024 2 min read

When designing the Pecos collection we were inspired by vintage bandanas in a big way. The bandana print has always been one that we reference, but storytelling banadas that depict iconic rodeo scenes were also a huge reference point for the graphics of this latest collection. But what's the real history of the bandana? And why do we use little scarves to tell stories anyhow?

Bandanas originated in Southern Asia and the Middle East, but they first became popular in America in the late 18th century. In the fight for American independence, Martha Washington had a bandana made of her husband George Washington. The bandana featured Washington on horseback, surrounded by cannons, flags, and text describing his dedication to getting independence for America. From then on it then became popular to use bananas to tell stories, spread political messages, and promote events (including things like rodeos!)

After the Civil War there was a shortage of beef in the east, and so lots of men became cowboys herding cattle from Texas to railroad towns where they could be shipped off. Herding thousands of cattle means a lot of hooves kicking up a lot of dust, cowboys adopted the bandana as a handy accessory that could keep dust out of their mouths and off their necks, and so it cemented its place as a Western fashion staple.

If you've been part of the Wolf Pack for more than a minute, you'll know that each time we launch a new DDR collection we also release one or two collectible scarves. We like to think of them as our very own banadas as they each tell a story about the new collection.

There's a ton of different ways to wear 'em. Tied around your new Cowboy kerchief style, wrapped around your hair, tied to the handle of your handbag or even framed like a print. We know some of y'all do that with limited edition DDR silk scarves and we just love how creative you get. We'll never get bored of bandanas…

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