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February 16, 2024 1 min read

Y'all know the 75th annual San Antonio Rodeo kicked off last Thursday, February 8th, and we couldn’t help but try to squeeze our way into the spotlight somehow… Friday morning we decided that the evening's performers, Midland (you may have heard of them), would look extra handsome in our brand-new blue color Midnight Cowboy Jacket. So we hatched a plan. We'd been itching to get that bad boy biker on stage for a while now, so Kristen took charge to try and make it happen!

She reached out to their manager to see what they thought of the idea, and turns out they loved it just as much as we did! That Friday quickly became a helluva lot more exciting as plans were made for the family to not only bring the jackets to the San Antonio Rodeo but to meet the Midland men.

To say we were fangirling is an understatement, these are some good-looking guys to begin with but mannn, something about a sharp-dressed man, in a Midnight Cowboy Jacket, just really takes it to the next level! Midland played an incredible show, and of course, the crowd went wild. And we're so proud to think our brand-new biker jackets added to the buzzy atmosphere that evening!

Take style notes from the Midland Men and shop the new black and blue version of the Midnight Cowboy jacket for yourself. It's a unisex style fit for the stage with a ton of embellishments that will really turn heads - we're talkin' studs, stitching, patches and pony hide!

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