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November 12, 2022 1 min read 2 Comments

Chili Patine is perhaps the longest-running inside joke in McMullen family lore.

Decades ago, when our now fierce and fabulous CEO, Audrey, was just a precious and precocious young girl of 6 or 7 years old, she decided she’d been “Audrey” long enough and it was time to update her name. And what totally random moniker did she choose? You guessed it – Chili Patine. As older sisters are wont to do, Cheryl and Hedy (with the good-natured encouragement of Daddy Doug) took this new revelation and ran with it, requiring a formal denouncement of “Audrey McMullen” and official adoption of “Chili Patine.” Fully annoyed that the family exaggerated her announcement, Chili Patine only lasted about 5 minutes, but the legend has lasted going on 50 years.

In short, Chili Patine is synonymous with “the plight of being the baby of the family.”  

2 Responses

Carol Stoneburner
Carol Stoneburner

November 16, 2022

Such a great story!!! A name lasting more than 50 yrs!!! Very fitting for Cheryl. Such great memory of family time with your dad!!

millie arnold
millie arnold

November 13, 2022

write up and photos as well as the collections are so well done

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