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November 12, 2022 2 min read

Our inspiration often originates from imagery, and particularly in the Scrapbooks collections, it’s rooted in nostalgia. Many of our childhood road trips – including the one where Audrey’s alter ego, Chili Patine, was conjured up – were to New Mexico. Even if we were there to cheer on Daddy Doug’s racehorses, we would always visit the town squares and Native American markets and stand in awe of all the artisans exhibiting their wares, their works of art, the fruits of their labor and generations of passed down technique and tradition.

Jewelry – particularly hand-crafted, vintage, and Southwestern jewelry – is a defining aspect of our style,” Cheryl said. “It’s an inextricable element of our aesthetic, and it’s truly one of our, or at least my, very first memories of being aware of fashion. I’ve told the stories before about seeing the women decked out at the horse races in just tons of turquoise and that becoming a core memory for me, a switch was flipped right then that ignited my passion for jewelry. And then when we would visit the town squares and plazas in New Mexico, can you even imagine? I was a kid in a candy store! It was like Disneyland for me, just eyes as big as saucers and wanting to go look at every booth and on every blanket the vendors had set up. So this custom print is that, its cluster pins and tab necklaces and all those styles all designed together to represent the abundance that was so awe-inspiring and almost overwhelming to me back then.”

Sure, this print kind of accessorizes itself, but you know us – more is more and less is a bore! Why not load it up with complementary creations? Layer it up with some turquoise tab necklaces. Throw on a coral cuff. Slip on some jaclas or Santo Domingo thunderbirds. We personally love it styled with the beautiful beadwork necklaces of our collaborating Navajo artisan, Rethema Tsosie  – whether it’s stunning multi-strands or traditional tabs, it works with the Wares of the Plaza!

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