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November 20, 2022 3 min read 3 Comments

Words can’t really do justice to the amazing day we had in Fort Worth last week, but let’s just say that as far as incredible experiences we’ve had along this journey, the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame’s 46th Annual Induction Luncheon and Ceremony was certainly one for the books!

“It was a truly lovely event,” said Cheryl. “And huge! We got to attend one years ago, and I bet it’s grown probably 10-times the size since then, it filled the whole Dickies Arena. It was remarkable. Mayor Parker spoke, Faith Hill was there with Tim McGraw, she received the Patsy Montana Award, so that was very cool. And these women, the inductees, are just incredible, amazing women who have contributed to the lifestyle in various ways. The energy in there was just positive, inspiring and empowering. In fact, as we were leaving, Hedy – ever the comedian – was like, ‘I’ll be honest, I feel pretty inadequate right now!’”

The induction luncheon is hosted annually in Fort Worth, and now that we ourselves are (sort of) cowgirls with a home in Fort Worth, this felt like an important event to be a part of and we were fortunate to be able to sponsor two tables. Of course, the McMullen ladies attend the luncheon as a family, alongside some of our fabulous employees and a few of our fabulous Wolf Pack.

“A couple of the gals brought their husbands, Lisa [Moody Peterson] and Linda [Searle],” said Cheryl. “As a matter of fact, it was remarkable how many men were in attendance for what is seemingly a women’s event. It was awesome to see that kind of support.”

Following the ceremony, which took place Tuesday, November 15th, we had a little celebration of our own at the DDR Fort Worth flagship store with a few light refreshments, lots of shopping, and some heartfelt conversation with some wonderful women.

“It’s always humbling and moving when we get to spend the day among our people,” Cheryl said. “Whether it’s the Addiction Meetup or something smaller like this, getting to connect with our customers, spend time in the store, just really pause and be present in this wonderful little world we’ve built as a family. It’s the most rewarding part of what we do.”

We really cannot overstate how much we enjoy, appreciate, and admire our community of customers, and it was cool to get to spend the day honoring and supporting strong women alongside them.

And it means a little extra when they make us feel like what we do matters. After last week’s event, one of our guests, Lisa Moody Peterson, reflected on the experience and shared this stunning photograph and touching tribute:

“Yesterday, I sat in a room full of 1200 some cowgirls including Faith Hill, four female Texas Rangers, ranchers, artists, horsewomen, cattlewomen, and rodeo stock contractors to name a few… but sitting right beside me at the event was one I was most proud of. She is full of grit and grace; she is one hell of a designer; her boots are deeply rooted in Texas, and she just opened, along with her equally fabulous sisters, a knockout store in the heart of the historic Fort Worth Stockyards. Cheryl McMullen, not only are you legendary, you are just straight up fabulous.”

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November 28, 2022

Always enjoy the Sunday Read. I don’t ride a horse but love your western vibes and love to dress western. It’s American!

Sharon Camarillo
Sharon Camarillo

November 20, 2022

My only disappointment is I didn’t see you girls in person during the luncheon and didn’t know you were all gathering in the Flagship store, I came in the next morning and was so disappointed to miss you.
The store is more than fabulous, a cross between fashion and historic collections. You bring the West alive with grace and style!!
Thank you Women of Double D for sharing your fashion style with the rest of us wanna bees!
Staff at the new store is very helpful. Always look forward to my time in Ft Worth at the Double D store. Also looking forward to a 2023 trip to Yoakum!
Happy Thanksgiving and thank you!
Always your friend and fan!

Irene Gil
Irene Gil

November 20, 2022

I totally agree with Ms. Peterson. The McMullen sisters along with their beautiful mother are fabulous women full of grit and grace. They are amazing, down to earth, caring women!

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