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April 18, 2020 2 min read 1 Comment


The soul of any collection is the color. It sets the tone, it tells you how tofeel about it. Is it edgy and rebellious? Is it elegant and regal? Is it patriotic?

Backwoods Barbie is on the softer side of country. These mellowed colors represent hard times. Times of hand-me-downs, times of literally scrapping together fragments of fabric to make something out of nothing, times of clothes being washed on a washboard so many times you don’t even remember what color they were supposed to be. Maybe they were vibrant reds and bright blues at one point, but they spent much more time existing in their softer shades. It’s an unintended metaphor, but sometimes beauty is unearthed through struggle and strife.

An unusual color scheme for Double D Ranch, known for bright, bold colors and blacks, you will find a pervasive presence of washed-out pinks and faded blues in everything from biker jackets to boots. In many of the pieces, these softer shades serve as the backdrop for the beautiful hand-embroidery of florals or statement stitching. In others, they are the accent colors on neutral canvases in floral prints or appliques.

Another critical color in this collection is black. Adding elements of black to a garment or ensemble not only adds to the pop-factor of the pastels, but it also tempers the overall aesthetic to prevent your outfit from looking too much like the inside of a nursery. Black works beautifully in Backwoods Barbie as an anchor piece or an accessory.

If Backwoods Barbie has a tone, it would be soft, and if it is intended to make you feel any type of way, it would be strong and enduring.

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April 19, 2020

It sure is hard to stay inside, but we all can do it. I cleaned my ceilings and walls, Played solitaire, watched some videos, washed curtains, read e-mails, cooked, and tried to stay busy. But I kept my thoughts on all those people, nurses, doctors, care givers, and said a prayer for them. They are brave beyond words! Thank you to all of them. They are angels and God will look after them. We can make it. We’ve been through lots of tough situations before and we’ll make it thriough this! Stay safe and uplifted ! Sandra Whitlock

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