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March 20, 2022 1 min read

Primarily crafted to hold jewelry, Olinala boxes are as beautiful outside as what they store inside.

These gorgeous hand-crafted creations are aptly named for their city of origin, although the trade has expanded throughout the southwest Mexican state of Guerrero, whose mountainous regions are an abundant source of the linaloe wood from which they are crafted. The base color of the boxes are typically black and the colorful floral and tribal designs are renowned for their symmetry, created using either rayado (meaning “scratched”) or aplicado (“applique”) techniques, and finished with linaloe or chia seed oil, which gives them their signature citrusy scents. Enchanted by their beauty and unique characteristics, Cheryl has become an avid Olinala collector of the years, the artistry of which inspired much of the folk embroidery of the collection as well as the Mexicali Boot.

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