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March 13, 2022 1 min read

There’s a saying among authors, “write what you know”. In reality, that applies to all creatives. Musicians, painters, and yes, even designers – we’re all drawing upon things we’ve seen or experienced.

Growing up in South Texas, Mexican culture was a component of our upbringing. From the food to the fashion, we were immersed in it, always had an appreciation for it, and ultimately, it just became woven into the fabric of who we are. It’s no surprise that elements of it appear in this collection, which is a collective celebration and aesthetic appreciation for a literal world full of inspiration.

The embroidery includes hints of huipil and the kind of florals you can find on Olinala boxes, and one of the season’s signature prints channels the unique designs hand-painted on traditional luminarias, and even nods to the dainty intricacy of Mazahua earrings. But it’s not just Old Mexico whose influence shines in Folk Foray, New Mexico does as well. In fact, the collection draws its name from a journey taken to explore the Museum of International Folk Art on Museum Hill in Santa Fe, and the vibrant blue hue that is heavily present throughout is inspired by the omnipresence of bold blue doors on the adobe dwellings of the Land of Enchantment, believed to ward off evil spirits.

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