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March 20, 2022 2 min read

In recent years, there has been a lot of buzz about having things in your house that “spark joy”, and while we wouldn’t quite classify ourselves as minimalists, we do ascribe to the notion in a broad sense.

The Folk Foray collection dovetails so beautifully with the current DDR Home offerings because it is essentially an amalgamation of all our favorite things. Bright colors, strong serapes, intricate embroidery. Folk art, combining of cultures, inspirations drawn from experiences. Duvet covers, throw pillows, euro shams. Vintage pieces given new vibrance with custom fabrics and Annie Sloan paints.

“That’s been the most revolutionary thing we’ve done in the DDR Home realm lately, and we’re obsessed with it,” Cheryl said. “Fortunately, our clientele shares in our aesthetic and they’re embracing the bold repurposing work we’re doing with these vintage pieces. I think the traditional inclination with these Louis-style chairs is to refinish the wood with stain, or maybe even that old-school gilded look, so bringing in these bright, matte Annie Sloan chalk paints is unexpected and really fresh. These chairs already have great bones, elegant silhouettes, so bringing a vibrance to them with youthful, happy color just elevates them to extraordinary. They become a focal piece, the first thing someone notices when they walk in, and if I were a bettin’ gal, I’d put money on them becoming the most talked-about thing in the house. They just make that strong of a statement.”

Yes, the color is an outside-the-box approach, but it’s not just that that makes these pieces exceptional, and it’s not just the chairs.

“I think the chairs stole the spotlight a little,” Cheryl said. “Partially because they just got more screen time, but also because they’re all so unique and complex there is a lot to visually absorb and appreciate about them. But the benches are also works of art, and they’re really gaining traction in terms of interest and appeal. They have chic, sleek silhouettes, and they are vibrant and versatile; I think people are starting to envision all the different ways and places these statement pieces can work – the foot of the bed, the entryway, one gal even set a tray atop it and uses it as a colorful coffee table, which I think is brilliant.”

And of course, pillows are perennially popular.

“When we started to drift away from doing home decor,” Cheryl said. “Pillows were hands-down the most-requested item, probably in the history of the company. And you know, they’re really a no-brainer for us, because there is SO much we can do with them – shapes, sizes, embellishments – we have a lot of fun designing them. And we make so many unique, beautiful custom fabrics, why not use them to create something you can show off year-round. We really ramped up what we were doing in terms of bedding and pillows in the last couple of years and it has been such a treat to see the way everyone is mixing and matching them.”

It all works on its own and it all works together.

Your home is your haven, fill it with everything that makes you happy.

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