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December 26, 2020 2 min read 1 Comment

Taos Hair & Makeup

Most of us likely won’t be going to extravagant New Year’s Eve soirees this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t greet (the long-awaited) 2021 looking our best! Why not seize the opportunity to try out theTaos look, Millicent Rogers-style? Our longtime friend and stylist, Lisa Martensen, walks us through how she recreated the 1960s society page style. (We’ve gotta say, the makeup sounds a lot easier than the hair this go ‘round!)


“When you look at Millicent Rogers, that is definitely a lady who got her hair done. She spent many hours under a hair dryer, for sure,” Lisa said. “The plan was to wet-set their hair overnight; basically, to have them wash their hair, put some product in it, and then have them sleep in these rollers. But, since we are switching from one shoot to another, mid-day, I’m going to try to expedite the process by using this kind of old school gelatinous gel – it doesn’t stay crunchy, you can brush it out – and then putting her in a bonnet with a dryer attachment so Kaylin can study while the rollers set. We’re going for that kind of 1960s poof and wave, but if this doesn’t work, I’ll brush her out and put it in a chignon.”


“What we’re going for with Taos is to look like money, old money,” Lisa explained. “Glamorous, upscale, elegant. Very different from the grit of Cody or the amber look from Matagorda.”


“We’re going full-coverage matte on the face,” Lisa said. “You want it to look flawless, like Millicent. I’m using my go-to Make Up For Ever because it photographs really well.”

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation


“We’re going with a matte nude shadow, it’s almost not even a color. Then I’ll use a gel liner to make a very thin line on eyeliner, and I’m doing a very natural lash. Again, really upscale but not necessarily over the top.”

Tom Ford Emotionproof Eye Color in 08 Au Naturel

MAC Pro Longwear Fluidlinein Blacktrack


“I love this cream blush because it’s easy to manipulate, I can easily go super subtle or very intense with it. We’re using this Orchid pink shade to give just a soft rosiness to the cheek, very ‘50s and ‘60s. And it will bring out the lip, which I’m also using this cream for, but going more intense with it.”

Make Up Forever Cream Blush in Orchid

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Karen Foster
Karen Foster

January 16, 2021

Love the classy / classic look!!

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