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November 08, 2020 3 min read 1 Comment

Sparkles & Satin

If you’ve been a Double D Ranch fan for long, you know we’re all about the details. Sometimes we’re subtle with it, sneaking some studding in here or a sequin in there. And sometimes, we go next level with it and make you wonder how so much embellishment can exist on one garment. That’s just kind of our “thing”. (Hey, if you can’t see it from across the street, what’s the point in wearing it?!)

If you can't see it from across the street, what's the point in wearing it?!

In Nashville, we definitely went in the latter direction. C’mon, it’s a collection channeling some of the legends that revolutionized country music – rebels, the bold and the edgy – it had to be rockstar-worthy.

And what stands out on a stage? What really sparkles in the spotlight? That’s right – rhinestones!

“It’s really not our go-to embellishment,” said Cheryl. “We tend to stand out in other ways – with fringe or fur or our eye-catching embroidery. Even our silhouettes draw attention. So, we’re not really heavy on the ‘bling’ most of the time. But Nashville was different, Nashville called for it. We were envisioning superstars on stages, and bright lights, and Broadway, and just all the glitz and glam of Music City, so rhinestones worked there.”

And in true Double D fashion, we a) took it to the (oh so fabulous) extreme, and b) made it as difficult as possible for ourselves. Rhinestone fringe? Where do we come up with this stuff? And more importantly, where do we find it? 

“Oh lord, let me tell you THAT story,” Hedy laughed with emphatic exasperation. “We’ve designed this gorgeous leather biker jacket, Rhinestoned Cowboy, for Nashville and it’s all kinds of bedazzled. It’s got beads and studs – no problem, we bead and stud things all the time. But then it’s got this fringe, these strands of rhinestones, and our factory is like, ‘Uhhh… yeah, we don’t have those.’ So, we’ve got to find strands of rhinestones to send them. Well, we had to think outside the box on that one. We found these skirts that were made for, shall we say, ‘exotic dancers’, and literally disassembled them and sent the strands to our manufacturers to make that jacket.”

Never a dull moment around here. (It’s not lost on us that dull is the opposite of sparkle… what did we expect?)

Are you someone who likes to shine but isn’t so much into the sparkle? We get that. Stand out in satin! That’s another thing in Nashville that’s a little outside the box for Double D; it’s not a fabric we use all that often, but it works here.

“The Peralta pieces were a bit of a gamble for us,” Cheryl explained. “We weren’t totally sure how we would feel about them, but we decided to give it a try, have them make us a sample, and then if it didn’t turn out how we envisioned, we just wouldn’t cut them for the collection. Well, the opposite happened. We got them in and we were actually surprised by how much we loved them! The colors are so gorgeous, those deep gem tones, and the fabric is fabulous – the feel, the sheen, everything. And of course, we knew we’d love the silhouette, but when we saw it in person – and on the models for the first time – we immediately got vintage ‘70s vibes, very Farrah Fawcett. Just fabulous.”

1 Response

Vada Ripley
Vada Ripley

November 16, 2020

Love the Rhinestoned Cowboy Jacket. I am into bling and glad to see you produce such an eye catching jacket. If I were not 71 and too old, had
a little extra cash in my pocket I would own this jacket!!!!

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