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Rainbird Collector Jacket

Rainbird Collector Jacket


Obviously, our spirit animal is the wolf – shout out to our Pack! – but y’all know how much we love a thunderbird! We’ve put it on everything from socks to silver and scarves to sleepwear, and now, the image we admire so much is the feature focus of its own collector biker jacket.

We went with a soft goat suede in a strong black sheepskin for a bold base to really make the most of the accenting. We adorned the jacket with some simple studding and touches of turquoise for a really diverse, three-dimensional, multi-media feel to this unique beauty.

And of course, the heart of the jacket: the birds. The back of the jacket features three prominent iterations of the classic Navajo bird images, which we designed in a sassy muted-metallic leather to mimic the actual beloved silver thunderbird charms and pins that we’ve all come to covet and collect.

It’s soft, it’s strong, it’s stunning. Time to spread your wings.

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Dona A Hogan - February 5, 2020

I bought this jacket. it’s the most beautiful jacket I’ve ever seen. I’m Happy, Happy, Happy. And I get more looks then I ever did.

Karen Stamas - February 5, 2020

My first biker style jacket…and it not be my last…Amazing details…and what a head turner…I bought it for a concert and it was the perfect jacket for Travis Tritt acoustic…in a restored theater in Pensacola….softest leather and so incredibly comfortable but a total piece of ARTWORK…

Vicki Jones - November 3, 2019

Beautiful, stunning, unique, love the pants with it too. How much each please?

Carina Spies - November 3, 2019

This is absolutely awesome!!! It’s so out of the box beautifulness!!! I just looovvvve this!!! Nothing like this in South Africa at all!!!

julie Hester - November 3, 2019

Absolutely gorgeous would look great on and off that steal horse!

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