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Mazahua Earrings

Mazahua Earrings


A signature Mexican style originally inspired by (and sometimes referred to as) Frida Kahlo jewelry, the Mazahua earring is characterized by its intricacy, in its metalwork and micro-beading, often accompanied by a wide silver arc accented with dangles. Mazahua jewelry is traditionally chosen as wedding-day adornment, as it is revered among the most elegant of Mexican accessories.

Beyond being beautiful, there is an undeniable element of romance to the Mazahua earring. Among the florals and delicate details, these elegant earrings often incorporate the quintessential symbol of sweethearts: lovebirds! In many pairs, you can find tiny iterations of sweet silver birds beak to beak.

Ok, so you know you love them and you know what they stand for, but do you know how to say it? Because, to be really real, we had a comical exchange during a marketing meeting of us all admitting we had no idea how to pronounce “Mazahua”. So you’re not alone. We did a little research and have determined that it’s pronounced “Mah-ZJAH-wa”, with the emphasis strongly on the second syllable. Listen here.

Even if you never master how to say it, you can let these gorgeous statement earrings speak for themselves!

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