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October 27, 2019 1 min read


You’d be hard-pressed to try to define Texas without acknowledging the presence of Mexican influence. It enhances the clothing, the culture, the cuisine, and everything in between. After all, Texas was a part of Mexico before it was a Republic.

“Especially in South Texas, where we were born and raised, we grew up surrounded by Mexican culture interwoven with classic Texana,” says designer Cheryl McMullen. “It’s something I’ve always enjoyed and admired, particularly in terms of fashion, and it’s been peppered throughout numerous Double D Ranch collections over the years”

Riata is our take on the stunning style elements we love from Old Mexico, incorporating colorful adornments, Matador-inspired charro rope soutache embroidering, and the intricate dangling style of the Mazahua jewelry. It features silhouettes that feel simultaneously fierce and feminine, with a heavy presence of bold blacks and deep reds and muted metallics that came together in a way that feels both edgy and timeless.


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