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July 28, 2019 2 min read 2 Comments

Designing these jackets fulfilled a few different design desires.

First and foremost, making something useful out of something forgotten seemed like a thing Jett Rink would do. From a design perspective, quilts were an obvious choice. I can just picture him grabbing an old quilt from the bunkhouse (without asking, of course) and fashioning it into a jacket, tied closed because who has the time for buttons? (Fun fact: the Warner Bros. costume vest Jett wore, actually did have make-shift ties in place of missing buttons.) Jett was resourceful and the type to “make do”, which is what we used to call it before “up-cycling” was a thing.

But these days, up-cycling is very much a thing. It’s been trending upward for years in areas of interior design and décor, and lately, it has permeated the fashion industry, and we are here for it. The concept of taking something old, which has outlived its original purpose, and fashioning it into something new and lovely and once again purposeful, well, that just feels very innately Double D Ranch.

Quilts also feel innately Double D Ranch, in a way, as they tend to conjure sentiments of Americana, “down-home”, and even the Old West, all of which are a part of the soul of DDR. Fortuitously, patchwork and quilting have also been a recently emerging trend on runways. All of these elements kind of came together to complete the vision for the quilted jackets in Wildcatter.

So began my quilt quest. Every single Bunkhouse Blanket jacket in this collection is one-of-a-kind because each jacket is made from a different vintage quilt top that predates the 1960s. The quilts were all hand-selected by me and then hand-embroidered and mended, and transformed into these wonderfully unique garments.

These collectors jackets are one-of-a-kind and once-in-a-lifetime. Collect yours. 

2 Responses

Carol Sibley
Carol Sibley

November 03, 2019

Outstanding! Quilts ring a “home feeling” for everyone! How can these be purchased? Thank you for “one of a kind” ideas! Makes them even more special!

Sarah Votaw
Sarah Votaw

November 03, 2019

These are absolutely gorgeous! Love this concept! Up cycling! Epic jackets! Definitely will be collectors items!

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