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July 27, 2019 1 min read

In the world of fashion, patchwork has its place:everywhere.

A fresh feel to an old school Americana aesthetic, the pieced-together look is showing up on runways and trend reports around the world, and it has a strong presence in our Giant collection.

Far more fashion-forward than what might first come to mind, patchwork takes on an elevated edge with the use of unexpected materials and in unconventional garments. Our Blowout Jacket is a stunning statement piece of luxurious leathers in contrasting but complementary colors and patterns, from deep bold reds to prairie printed blues, accented with elegant embroidery and metallic studding.

The jacket’s “sole” sister, the Blow Out Boot, features that same lovely look of playing with leather pieces of varying colors and design, and bringing them all together with bold visible stitching that gives a unique quilt-like quality to a classic tall silhouette.

However, it also appears in more subtle iterations, like the monochromatic Scrap Bag Work Shirt, which features a patched-quilt design, but consists of a singular lightweight fabric. (Similar concept applies to the Amarillo Cardigan, designed to give the appearance of stitched-together scraps of Native American blankets, but is actually uniformly hand-woven from 100% alpaca.)

Not only is the scrappy style vibrant, it’s also versatile; incorporating multiple colors, patterns, and textures makes it work with a multitude of your solid staples!

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