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February 20, 2022 1 min read 1 Comment

Trend reports are heading toward all things horses, and well, that’s right in our wheelhouse.

“I was already invested in designing the Wild Horses collection before I read that horse motifs might be headed to mainstream fashion,” Cheryl said. “So that lit a whole different spark in me. How can I diversify? How can I think outside the box, beyond the images of horses and horseshoes? I’ve long loved animal-inspired prints and patterns, and so I thought, ‘Let’s adapt the aesthetic of a paint pony.’ Which we ended up loosely interpreting into a print and also incorporating it into accent patches of hair-on hide.”

The print is a Western spin on a classic cheetah print, morphing more towards the markings of a paint pony, particularly (if we’re getting technical with it) that of an Overo Paint, characterized by sharp, irregular markings with a horizontal orientation. It’s simultaneously bold and neutral, timeless and seasonless, and it’s the perfect punctuation to a collection channeling ‘western and wild’.

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Marty Wright
Marty Wright

February 20, 2022

Love these photos, Mitchell!

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