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February 20, 2022 2 min read 1 Comment

Horseshoes are one of those symbols that has always held a significance in our family. Growing up in a family that raced quarter horses, elements of the equine life were all around us, and well, anyone who does any kind of racing (or competing in general) knows: you look for luck wherever you can find it!

“Daddy was always big on a lucky horseshoe,” Cheryl said. “Always always right-side-up to catch the luck! Hedy has a horseshoe ring that he gave her when I think she was 16 or so, and she still wears it to this day. It’s just kind of something that’s always symbolized our life; Texas, horses, luck. Taking risks and gambling on ourselves. We still do it every single day with Double D, if you think about it! We’re opening the Fort Worth store on a foundation of hard work, strong faith, and little bit of luck.”

So, naturally, when we come across a horseshoe-shaped anything, it stands out to us. And, as luck would have it (pun intended), right in the midst of our Wild Horses collection, we stumbled upon a handful of horseshoe-shaped vintage footstools!

“They had me at ‘horseshoe’, but then the more I looked at them, the more I loved them,” Cheryl said. “They have a lot of character, and I really appreciate that in a vintage piece. No two are the same, slightly different shapes, different finishes, different fabrics. And the fabrics are indicative of their age, you know, authentic vintage vibes. They encompass all the things I look for in a vintage find.”

And perhaps the best part? They’re not a big buy – literally or figuratively.

“These are what I call a ‘punctuation piece’,” Cheryl laughed. “You know, you have a statement piece, something that’s usually bigger, bolder, a focal piece in a room. These are more like the period or exclamation point on the statement. Small, but significant. A finishing touch.”

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Pat Vavra
Pat Vavra

February 20, 2022

Are the footstool’s for sale, I love them!! We are an “all in” western family and would absolutely love to find one for my sister for her birthday. We love, and have been Big Fans of Double D for years, From the beginning to current day! We own the best of the best from the (now) vintage (hate we are so old our clothes are now vintage), to y’all’s current collection!! Thank you

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