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Jacket Season

Jacket Season


Ok, we know it doesn’t currently feel like it in most parts of the country, but y’all… fall really is just right around the corner.

And you know what that means? The long-awaited, highly celebrated jacket season!

It’s that magical time of year where you get to stock those coat closets with your DDR fall favorites! (And perhaps we’re a tad biased, but the Giant Collection really debuted some stunners.) Reds and blues, suedes and leathers, embroidery and fringe… the jackets from Wildcatter provide variety and versatility to keep your fall looks fresh!

Roustabout Jacket

Supple suede accented with flirty fringe makes for the sassiest of statement jackets! The beautiful blue complemented by the soft brown is a combo that was made for your dark denim jeans or paired with our Roustabout Skirt!


This jacket is a lot more high-brow than its name implies. A gorgeous yet unimposing suede with stunning stud work and subtle edging, this jacket is your perfect pop of color, whether you go with red or blue!


If this jacket is West of Rio, please get me a plane ticket there, immediately! It is a buttery light buckskin leather with cornflower blue bandana embroidery and everything you could want in a jacket.

Get your closet ready!

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