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January 10, 2021 3 min read 1 Comment


FINALLY! Audrey has given us the green light to officially talk about the new jewelry keepers! If you’re a member of theDouble D Addiction group on Facebook, you’ve already seena sneak peek from our resident secret-spiller, Cheryl, but now we actually have permission to show you what we’ve been so excited about.

We’re adding two new pieces to theTurquoise Travel Series, and they’re things y’all have been asking for since we first started making jewelry keepers. Well, you know us – ask and you shall (probably… eventually…) receive. So, without further ado, we present to you (drumroll, please): The San Antonio Squash Keeper and The Bosque Belt Keeper!


They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and that’s exactly how this little beauty came to be. 

“Squash blossoms are quite possibly the most popular – certainly the most coveted and collectible – pieces of Southwestern jewelry in existence, and yet, they’re by far the most difficult to store or pack,” Cheryl explained. “Ideally, they really need to lay flat for the safest transport and storage, it reduces the strain on the strands and the likelihood of losing stones. But, when you look at the majority of modern jewelry cases, they aren’t designed to accommodate that; maybe one, at the most, if it has a drawer. This is a struggle we’ve had ourselves, so when our Wolfies came to us asking for a better alternative, we put pen to paper and came up with a solution. Dual-sided with securing straps and a padded center – plus, it’s cute!”

The San Antonio Squash Keeper is a zippered case that’s 12” long by 7” wide, made from genuine leather in bothturquoise andbrown. Each side of the keeper features a series of elastic straps that snap down to keep your squash secure, and as Cheryl mentioned, they are separated by a thickly padded divider that prevents your squashes from moving too much or rubbing against each other. (She really kind of thought of everything!) Any lover of southwestern jewelry understands that squash blossoms are a precious investment piece that deserves to be protected at all costs, so we’re giving you a way to do just that – DDR style!

PRO TIP: If you have an odd number of squash blossom necklaces, you can declare this a sign that you definitely need one more! *wink* I mean… you want your keeper to be balanced, don’t you?


A belt keeper is one of those things you don’t even realize you need until you do, and then once you have it, you can’t imagine how you ever lived without one. 

“For the longest time, we would roll our belts up and pack them in the crown of our upside-down hat, surrounded by socks,” Cheryl laughed. “Which worked okay, as long as you were packing a hat. But some of these concho belts are works of art, and it’s just always better to be able to pack and store them in a way that there’s no risk of snagging on something, which can not only damage garments, but it can also loosen bezels and increase your risk of losing stones. So, we did something about it.”

And thus, the Bosque Belt Keeper was born. Again, same genuine leathers in turquoise and brown, and it’s a semi-circle zippered case that’s 8” long and 4.5” inches deep, so it’s perfect for storing a singular wide statement belt or even stacking two more slender belts for transport or everyday storage. And, as it turns out, perfect for several other things, too.

“Well, if you watched the live line launch, you know it served as our ‘bucket’ for the names we draw for giveaways, you know – the ones we spent like half an hour searching for,” she laughed. “We’ve also rolled up socks and packed them in there, same with undies. I think if it sits on my desk long enough, it will become home to all sorts of things! It’s just a fun shape and size, and I’m sure our creative Wolfies will find all kinds of innovative uses for it, actually.”

We happen to know for a fact that it holds that gorgeous Kirk Smith concho belt perfectly…

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Bunny Clews
Bunny Clews

January 18, 2021

where is the “add to cart” button for these? I need them NOW, Covid or no Covid. Pretty Please…..

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