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February 18, 2019 1 min read 1 Comment

Bold. Brave. Spirited.
Rebellious. And lovely.

This collection is about embracing both the fierce and the feminine sides of who you are, and celebrating how beautifully the dichotomy works together in fashion: the union of girly with grit, of bright with black, of sweetheart silhouettes with substantial solids.

Let your inner bandida loose.

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Inspired by the intricate and nuanced embroidery styles produced by the magnificent women in various cultures throughout Central and South America, this collection features a heavy focus on embroidery and a distinctly Spanish feel, harkening back to “bandida”-esque style.

Boldness of black contrasting
strong colorful embroidery

You’ll also find a pervasive presence of black among these pieces. Not only does it innately lend itself to an essence of boldness, but it also provides a strong, stark canvas against which the colorful embroidery makes a really vibrant statement.

Cowgirl Bandit is not about being an outlaw, but pushing your own boundaries.

Taking risks. Standing firm.

Being courageous. And knowing you don’t have to forfeit your femininity to do it.

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Mrs. A.J. Millington
Mrs. A.J. Millington

March 17, 2019

Although fall is my favorite season (in which I was born, early October), I love your Cowgirl Bandit Collection. Where can I get that slammin’ black sombrero?

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