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by Halley Oxford Comma January 27, 2019 2 min read

Historic Route 66 will take you from Chicago to the West Coast, but we’re most interested in it taking us West. And in this particular issue, we are most interested in Arizona. Of course, if you’re driving through Arizona, you should try to take a minute to see the Grand Canyon, but there are also many lesser-known gems along the highway.


Western Itinerary Map - Route 66 Arizona

Here is our Arizona “Top 6 on Route 66” 

1. Oatman, Arizona

This tiny town is almost a wrinkle in time. You can periodically spot Model Ts out for leisurely drives, staged gunfights on the weekend, and most uniquely, wild (but tame) burros meander down into the town every morning to greet the tourists and beg for food, and then wander back up to the mountains around sunset.


2. Mohave Museum of History & Art and Arizona Route 66 Museum

Located just a block from one another in the town of Kingsman, these museums are well worth the detour. The Mohave Museum tells the story of the region and “The Forgotten People” who settled it, and the Route 66 Museum provides a rich visual history, including a small theatre that plays a one-hour movie, of The Mother Road.


Hackberry General Store Route 66 Roadtrip

3. Hackberry General Store

Also located in Kingsman, this little gem of a stop is easy to miss, as it almost appears abandoned from the road. It has been intentionally preserved in ramshackle condition to retain a feeling of authenticity, and its shelves are lined with (you guessed it) souvenirs!


4. Delgadillos Snow Cap Drive-In

What a kitschy little joint! Constructed from old railway scrap lumber, this drive-in burger joint is dripping in both grease and snark. Guests enter through a door with a pair of trick knobs (one works, one doesn’t) and then are greeted with punny banter from descendants of late Juan Delgadillo who built it in 1953.


    Standin' On A Corner Park in Winslow, AZ

    5. Standin’ On A Corner Park

    If you’ve ever been anywhere near a jukebox or a cover band, we don’t need to tell you the significance of “standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona” and this aptly-named park is a prime backdrop for the “been there, done that” photo opp… and getting the song stuck in your head.


    Winslow Jacket at Wigwam Motel

    6. Wigwam Motel

    This roadside wonder is obviously a form-over-function attraction, with novelty outweighing amenities, but c’mon, you can’t deny the appeal of staying in your very own wigwam, just once, just to say that you did.

    Wigwam Tee at Wigwam Motel


    Interactive Google Map of the Route:



    Hackberry General Store image by Kool Buildings. Winslow, Arizona image by Tpaairman via Wikipedia.

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