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April 25, 2021 1 min read

Gayle isn’t a ‘who’; it’s a what and a when. It’s an era, it’s an attitude, it’s a celebration of Western women’s rise to fame.

While the other Cowgirl Closets we’re figuratively peering into belong to a particular person we admire, the Gayle collection is inspired by an amalgamation of characters, of the notion of the iconic cowgirl in the height of television Westerns.

“We were children of the ‘60s,” said Cheryl. “Westerns were ubiquitous; there were literally dozens of shows airing at the time. Like anything that gets over-popularized, they started to get a little kitschy, what they called ‘four-wall Westerns’, that were a little more Hollywood than high plains. But that’s when the costumes got better! Cowgirls got a little more glamorous – leading lady vibes – and that’s what this collection is about.”

It’s a little bit Miss Kitty, a little bit Patsy Cline. Retro meets rhinestones. Pin-up meets pony up. It has hues that will take you back to the time of tailfin Cadillacs and silhouettes that remind you how subtle sexy can be.

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