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May 02, 2021 3 min read 2 Comments

Oh, how we love a good glamour shoot – and stylist extraordinaire Lisa Martensen has wowed us once again!

“This collection was ‘cowgirl coquette’ all the way!” Lisa laughed. “Old school, ‘50s flirty – almost pinup. Think Bettie Page with a Western twist.”


“The thing about this hair is that I’m using a 1-inch curling iron, which I would normally never use to curl curl,” Lisa said. “A contemporary woman would spiral it, but to get this ‘set’ look, I’m actually putting the styling lotion on it and curling from the end up, to emulate a wet set. “I couldn’t bring myself to put the girls through an actual wet set again so soon!)”


“I’m sure this will come as a shock, but I still prefer my Mac Gel eyeliner for this look,” she laughed. “I just think it’s easier to control and, to be frank, doesn’t look as ‘Kardashian’ as some of the others. I did just a soft ivory powder on the lid and a bold sweep of that black liner – only on the top lid, nothing on the bottom. It’s not really a wing, but it peaked just past the corner of the eye, almost like a little ‘wink’. And then added my go-to Ardell false lashes for that dramatic ‘bat your eyes’ flirt.”


MakeUp ForEver crème blush

“I did a combo blush,” Lisa said. “I started with a peachy crème blush and then a red rouge on top, placing it pretty high on the cheekbones. No contour, no highlighting; I want this to be true retro Hollywood and that is not something they would’ve done. Maybe a dewy finish, but nothing metallic. Keep it old school: rouge-y cheek, red lip. “


NYX Suede Matte Lipliner in Spicy, Lancome Matte Shaker Liquid Lipstick in 189 Red’y In 5*

“I’m lining the lip with an NYX pencil,” Lisa said. “And then I’m going to use a matte Lancome for the lip; it’s a very orangey red that relates to the collection. And you’ll see it has a sponge applicator, but I dab it on a palette and then paint it on because it is highly pigmented and this is really a precision-lip. I don’t think you can get the shape you really want for this retro look with that big ol’ blob of an applicator.”

*Sad news: While you can still find it on Amazon for the time being, it appears this particular lipstick has been discontinued by Lancome. When looking for a substitute, Lisa suggests you aim for high pigment and matte.

Lisa’s PRO TIP:

“NYX is made in Germany. All the best pencils are made in Germany, all in the same factory – from Chanel to Prestige – so if you can find a lip pencil made in Germany, you’re going to get that same level of quality and creamy consistency. Sometimes the color variations may not be as cutting edge on the cheaper brands, but the smoothness and the creaminess will be consistently good.”

STYLE SURPRISE: Nail polish!

You might have noticed (or probably not, as is the point) that our models almost always have bare nails.

“The thing about nail polish,” Lisa explained. “Is that it can be distracting. In and of itself, nail polish detracts from the overall image. Unless, of course, it adds to the image; which, in this case, it does. This polish was actually Cheryl’s idea.”

“We could’ve gone red,” Cheryl said. “I just thought this looked fresher.”

Cheryl’s Pick:OPI Gelato On My Mind

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June 20, 2021

Thank you for sharing!

Cathy K
Cathy K

May 02, 2021

Thank you so much for sharing your expertise
Love it!

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