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July 08, 2023 3 min read 1 Comment

It’s been a while since we’ve declared our “dark horses” for a collection, but it’s always an interesting and entertaining take, and it’s a unique opportunity to view the looks through a different lens – particularly that of the designer.

“That’s the most fun thing about fashion, I think,” Cheryl said. “It’s a study in human nature as much as it is anything else. It is truly fascinating how the way events occurring in society can influence what we reach for in our closets. And, as much as there are trend reports and things we can study to predict what will work in any given season, at the end of the day, it’s all a gamble. It’s all a guess. As a designer, it’s a wild feeling – and nerve-racking, to be totally honest – to put something out there and then watch how the world receives it. Some things are gun-jumpers and some are dark horses.”

Gun-jumpers, in this context, are those kinds of pieces that are sold before we can get them shelved. A lot of times, these are the signature biker jackets or statement pieces – particularly those that leak early in Cowboys & Indians or Cowgirl Magazine ads.

Dark horses, on the other hand, are those pieces that start to take their stronghold and really gain momentum a little later in the launch. Historically, these garments are the ones that become staples as folks tend to realize how well they work in their wardrobe with the collections that launched before and after. These also tend to become the “non-buyer’s remorse” pieces, ones that people are always on the hunt for after the collection has come down from the site.

So, take our word for it, and save yourself the stress of searching the buy/sell groups down the road – this is the inside scoop on Cheryl’s Hay Babies dark horses!


“Here’s why the Saddle Up Serape should be on everyone’s wardrobe wishlist: it’s seasonless. The brighter background serape stripes bring it a vibrancy that can work in spring and summer, but the earthy overlaying blanket pattern tempers it down to bring it into fall and winter. You can really wear this all year long, and when the season starts to shift but the temps are still steamy, gals are gonna be scrambling for that sundress and skort, I promise! It’s the dream team with denim.”


“I’ll admit, this is a personal piece for me. You know how important horseshoes are to me – to our whole family, actually – so of course Hay Babies had to have a horseshoe jacket. That and the hearts are timeless, but it’s going to be that crochet-style stitching connecting the color blocking that’s going to make it a collector and a vintage favorite, just you watch.”


“I had a feeling this top would be a dark horse, but I never doubted its success for a second, and let me tell you why. Two reasons: One, everyone loves the ease of ‘throwing on a t-shirt’ but no one ever wants to look like they ‘just threw on a t-shirt’, and the Pinwheel has enough color and detail and embellishment that it elevates it beyond that; and two, as gals get it in their closets, they’ll see how well the color works with other collections, like Desert Desperados, and even the black and white of Billy the Kid.”

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Kat Dozzo
Kat Dozzo

July 23, 2023

I have wanted to come to this event for years! I am a #1 fan of DDR!! I get so many compliments on your clothing, boots, hats and jewelry!! I have a fortune invested in Double D Ranch!
Live all of you!
Kat Dozzo

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