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July 08, 2023 2 min read 1 Comment

The key to any journey is taking the first step -- and the key to an awesome and effective exercise habit is taking a whole lot of them! That’s right, one way to reach your wellness goal is to WALK there!

We’re not exactly gym rats or even joggers, but consistency really is key, and one path to conquering that is to master a movement goal of taking 10,000 steps EVERY DAY. Join us in July as we all strive to “step up” our routine by meeting that milestone every single day from July 10th – 31st. All you need to get on board is a paper calendar of July (you can simply print one off if you abandoned your analog ways long ago) so you can physically cross off each day that you get your 10K steps. It may sound rudimentary, but we promise you, that action at the end of the day is more rewarding than you might imagine!

In addition to keeping track at home, we want you to keep us updated in the comments of the pinned post at the top of the DDR Health & Wellness Facebook page. Brag about your success, boost your fellow walkers across the finish line, share your favorite places to walk.

Already sweating just thinking about trying to get some steps in during this sweltering summer? We hear ya. There are a few ways to beat the heat and still hit your goals!

  • Outrun the sun. Easier said than done, for sure, but you can jumpstart your day by trying to get some of those steps in before the sun starts to ramp up those temps. Aim for a brisk 25-minute or 1 mile walk before 8 a.m. to clock around 2,000 before you even really get your day going! (Doing another after the sun goes down can also help you finish up the day and get those last steps in.)
  • Step inside. There’s no rule to where or how to get your steps, the point is just to get moving and to start to make you cognizant of how much you are (or aren’t) walking throughout the day. Spruce up your scenery by walking through a museum. Try taking a couple laps around the mall. And of course, you can always get your steps in at the gym or on your home treadmill!
  • Challenge yourself to the “cheater” steps. We consider “cheater” steps as the ones we normally – er, previously – would try to get out of; for instance, trying to get the closest parking spot, making a beeline for the escalator, or doing curbside pickup instead of going inside. Try taking advantage of that shady parking spot a little farther from the door (bonus points if you intentionally park at the opposite end of the mall), seek out the stairs, and think of errands as opportunities to earn steps! (You’ll be AMAZED how many you can rack up in the grocery store or a Home Depot.)

Lace up and let’s go!

(If you’re seeing this post after July 10th, don’t fret – just jump in and join us!)

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Emily Cartagena
Emily Cartagena

August 06, 2023

Do you have those pink fringe boots?

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