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April 04, 2021 2 min read 3 Comments

“I can’t think about Easter without thinking about our Easter bonnets,” Cheryl laughed. “It’s the first image that comes to my mind every year, Hedy and I in our Easter outfits with a matching hat or bonnet. It seems like bonnets have given way to big bows – like, really big bows – for little girls these days. But you know us DDR gals: it’s hats or nothing!”

Enter the Great Raid Hat. (Don’t come for us, we know there are differing views on whether one should wear a hat in church. Wear it to brunch, then!)

“Listen, I’m going to love – and hopefully our Wolfies will love – the Great Raid Hat 365 days a year,” said Cheryl. “But the color and the whimsical silhouette are fun, festive, joyful. And that’s what Easter is for those of us who believe – joyous.”

Well, and of course, in fashion, it’s historically been a milestone day as well; it marks the beginning of spring, the day you can bust out your white jeans. The saying was always ‘Easter to Labor Day’. I think we’ve all disregarded that outdated white pants ‘rule’ by now, there should never be ‘rules’ to what you wear, but I do think there is still a bit of a mental shift that happens with your wardrobe on and after Easter Sunday.

Miss P in her Easter bonnet

And the Easter Bunny isn’t the only character this colorful topper brings to mind. Alice in Wonderland, anyone? 

“It does have a bit of a Mad Hatter thing going on, too, doesn’t it?” Cheryl laughed. “Well, we’re all mad here! You know what they say: all the best people are.”å

3 Responses

Arlene Cocke
Arlene Cocke

April 05, 2021

Oh I loved it, just loved it, each and every photo, the tears are flowing, as I remember so many lovely memories, of so many of my family that have all got to heaven before me!!
What a beautiful family your Sisters, your beautiful Mother and your gracious staff and their little ones.
Thank you so much, as I feel connected somehow with all of it!
Rejoice, the Lord has risen and given us more reasons to be grateful!
Sincerely, Arlene in Alabama

Mari Montgomery
Mari Montgomery

April 05, 2021

What fabulous pics and memories. Makes me think of our family memories. And, by the way, I know that no one will be surprised that I ALWAYS insisted to wear a hat with my easter

Janice Snead
Janice Snead

April 05, 2021

Love these vintage Easter photos. Brings back memories of my sister and myself. Easter Blessings to all of the Double D ladies and their families.

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