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April 04, 2021 2 min read 6 Comments

Easter is one of our favorite holidays, and boy, are we looking forward to celebrating it this year. Last year, as we all remember, the holy day was shrouded in uncertainty – and quite frankly, fear – as we were just barely seeing the tip of what turned out to be a much larger iceberg than even the experts anticipated. Our favorite events were being canceled, travel was being restricted, and gathering with anyone outside your “quarantine pod squad” was heavily discouraged. Easter egg hunts were called off and there was a halt in the rite of passage that is being terrified by a giant Easter Bunny for the sake of a photo. Above all, Easter service wouldn’t proceed as usual. It was hard to feel celebratory.

But here’s the thing, y’all: WE MADE IT. No, it’s not 100% behind us, but we’re on the other side of it. And while it might’ve been tested at times, we never lost faith; we never stopped believing that He would see us through it. That makes celebrating this year just that much sweeter. Easter is a day to rejoice – it honors sacrifice, it signifies new life and new beginnings, and in a way, we are all emerging renewed this year.

We hope this Easter will be extra meaningful and joyous for each and every one of you! We certainly won’t be taking it for granted. We hope you hug your loved ones a little tighter, let the message of Easter service touch your heart a little deeper, and of course, that you take the opportunity to don your Easter Sunday best!

And as much as we’ve been looking forward to this Easter, we also love looking back. In the spirit of fun and family, enjoy some of these heartwarming and hilarious photos of Easters past!

Our precious little Doris Loredo’s adorable grandkids out hunting Easter eggs!

– Doris Loredo, Accounting

“We would load up and go to the pasture to pick bluebonnets for the Easter nest; we did this every year on Easter Saturday. This was at Pat’s mom and step dad’s house, the other one is in the pasture where we picked.” – Vicki Sobotik, Production & Shipping

Easter 1949, Cecile Ellis, Pattern & Engineering Department

Look at the sweet Franz grandchildren getting ready to hunt eggs!

“I remember these great Easter egg hunts as a recurring tradition. Earlier years at my Papa and Memo's house, and now Audrey hosts the best Easter egg hunts at hers and Mickey's place in Seguin. Another tradition of Easter seems to be always getting a new spring Polo shirt!” – Mitchell Franz, Marketing

Franz grandkids hunting for Easter eggs in Papa’s beautiful garden.

Is there anything cuter than matching siblings in their Easter getup? Look at little Kristen Schley and her sisters!

– Kristen Schley, Customer Service

And now the tradition continues with her sweet boys, Tucker and Cooper.

This picture is basically the epitome of Easter in the ‘80s – and we can’t stop laughing at baby Halley’s grumpy face!

– Halley Sanford, Marketing

6 Responses


May 12, 2024

Thank you for sharing.

Diane Rierson
Diane Rierson

April 18, 2022

Easter family traditions in the Pack! These are priceless ✝️🐰


April 21, 2021

Halley!!!! Love that pic and as usual your storytelling is A +!!!


April 06, 2021

Thank you for sharing and your hopeful messages.

Best for 2021.


Carolyn Roach
Carolyn Roach

April 05, 2021

Love all y’alls’ past Easter pictures. So much fun. Thanks for sharing!

Janice Snead
Janice Snead

April 05, 2021


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