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August 13, 2023 2 min read 2 Comments

You can’t complete Cowpoke U without a little cosmetics class!

Our eternally awesome stylist extraordinaire, Lisa Martensen, perfectly captured the combo of rustic and romantic that we imagined for the Cowpoke U catalog, keeping it simple and sweet and making our girls look outstanding but not overdone.

“I think the whole theme is kind of ‘back to basics’,” Lisa explained. “For the collection, too; it’s rudimentary fundamentals of being a cowboy, and Kaylin and Lozzie needed to match that vibe with a natural and neutral look, not too sun kissed – especially because the shoot was overcast, that would’ve looked out of place – but also not too rosy, they’re cowgirls not coquettes.”

Here are a few of Lisa’s product recs and pro tips for finding that sweet spot of simplicity.


Beauty Blender “The Leveler” Pore-Minimizing Primer, Hourglass Concealer in Fawn

“I did not want a flawless made-up look, so I avoided an actual foundation. The Leveler is a tinted primer that evens out redness and helps minimize pore visibility, so it smooths without being too much. And my go-to Hourglass concealer just where it’s needed, under the eyes, on blemishes, etc.”


“Oh, you already know what I’m going to say – matte brown shadow in the brow, furry and blurry!”


Urban Decay Naked2 Basics Palette

“A soft matte shadow on the lid, very neutral tones. I blended a few of the shades; there’s not any real recipe, this palette has a beautiful soft spectrum. I would maybe stay away from the darker brown-grey (Undone) for this look, but you’re pretty safe to play around with the other shades.”


RMS Lip2Cheek in Demure, RMS Beauty Luminizer in Magic, and RMS Buriti Bronzer

“Go light, layer, and blend blend blend. This is that delicate balance I was talking about, not too bronze and not too rosy. I started with the (Demure) blush, then the luminizer, and finished with the bronzer, but very light application of each. The last thing you want is to feel caked on or clownish.”


MAC Lip Glass Clear

“No color, no liner, just a clear gloss. These girls have great natural color so I’m leaving them completely as is, and rubbing in the gloss so the result is a subtle sheen rather than high-gloss.”


Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

“Again, it’s done, but ‘undone’, you know? I want texture more than a style, so I spray some Oribe in there and make it messy and piecey. Like they’d been out in the pens and the wind, but tamed just a little – you don’t want a rat’s nest either!”

2 Responses


September 06, 2023

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate these posts. I use them as an opportunity to update my makeup routine thanks to the recommendations and coordinate with my DDR looks.

Cathy Kosich
Cathy Kosich

August 16, 2023

Lisa, I love this understated look and it works for everybody everyday! Thank you for the tip on rubbing in the lip gloss so it’s not too glossy. Those little tips are the reason I read your suggestions for each collection. Thank you for sharing and making it simple.

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