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August 13, 2023 1 min read

Translated from Latin, it means with great distinction or great praise, and this season’s signature biker jacket is certainly deserving of both.

All of our statement jackets are eye-catching, it’s simply an expected hallmark of our aesthetic, but the Cowpoke U Jacket is in a league all its own, almost understated in its allure and yet impossible to ignore. The straw shade of the sheepskin leather is a masterclass in the nature of neutrals, the timeless, seasonless, universal versatility of it. It also teaches a thing or two about texture; how the super-soft (like, strangers-want-to-touch-it soft) leather is complemented by the textural hair-on hide or crisply contrasted by the cool metal studding. And count it as an A+ in color theory, the way the analogous hues harmonize between the light camel and the slightly off-shade ecru; it’s a palette of perfection.

Like the cherished class ring of an A&M Aggie, the Cowpoke U Jacket is the kind of lifelong love you’ll wear forever with pride.

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