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November 27, 2022 2 min read 3 Comments

You might have noticed a second brunette beauty in the Chili Patine catalog. Allow us to introduce you.

We did a little Q&A with Tori Monet, one of the newer members of our modeling family – and one you’ll definitely be seeing more of!

DDR: Give us a little background info, your "superhero origin story", if you will.

TM: I was born and raised in Houston, Texas, but I now split time between New York City and Dallas for work. I have been modeling now for 6 years. I actually got scouted on a trip to Florida with my family. A few months later, I was on a plane to Paris and walking in Paris Fashion Week! Before modeling I was studying to get my degree in Physical Therapy at Louisiana State University with a minor in Nutrition. This career has brought me so many friends, opportunities, and I have been able to see the world – I feel so blessed and thankful.

DDR: Tell us a little about your experience with DDR so far.

TM: My experience with Double D Ranch has truly been awesome! My favorite shoot so far would have to be the Chili Patine shoot in Santa Fe. That was my first shoot with DDR and the location was amazing; that was also my first time traveling to Santa Fe. Getting to work with Cheryl, Audrey, and Hedy is always so much fun – lots of laughs! I always can’t wait to see what the inspiration is for each shoot that we do. My mom is also now a lover of Double D Ranch also. She just bought all of their Christmas tree ornaments, a few pieces from their Travel Series, and their Cashmere Core Top in black!

DDR: Did you have a favorite piece from the collection?

TM: My favorite DDR piece from Chili Patine is the Pueblo Pottery Jacket! I got to shoot this jacket in the beautiful church at the location we were shooting at in Santa Fe. It is truly a stunning jacket!

We have loved working with Tori, beautiful inside and out, a talented model and a joy to be around. You will definitely be seeing more of Tori in upcoming catalogs! In the meantime, you can follow Tori on Instagram at @Tori.Monet – she loves to post about her travels for work, beauty, skincare, style, and life with her three goldendoodle puppies!

3 Responses

Carol Stoneburner
Carol Stoneburner

November 30, 2022

I was wondering!!! Saw her, knew she was a new addition, and loved seeing her style DDR!! What a beauty who will be hooked on DDR very soon!!!! Welcome.

Alicia M.
Alicia M.

November 28, 2022

~ Tori Monet: welcome to the DDR family. I enjoyed seeing her rock the looks from the Chili Patine Collection, esp. the exquisite Pueblo Pottery jacket. She fits right in with style, grace and knowing the camera angles for that perfect shoot. I do hope that y’all will bring back Quisha Matthews as well as the model you used in Jewelry Junket. It’s refreshing to see new faces as well as Kaylin’s :). Perhaps you could do an article on Kaylin Rogers in an upcoming blog. That would be great. ~


November 28, 2022

She certainly is gorgeous! She will absolutely do justice to anything from Double D Ranch that she would wear.

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