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November 27, 2022 2 min read

Ok, we know we talk about this a lot – it’s even become a running joke within our marketing department – but blanket prints really are a big part of what we do, and each iteration seems to be even better than the last! And in Chili, we put it on velvet – AND fleece!

“The fleece has really shocked us,” laughed Cheryl. “I mean, everyone loves this jacket. GUYS even love it! People tell us that their husbands or their sons have tried to steal it or asked for one of their own for Christmas. Which, really, what a great gift for the guy who has everything? This is definitely unlike anything else they own, ya know? We had no doubt that our gals were going to fall in love with it, it’s the absolute perfect jacket for a chilly football game or sitting around a fire pit, but the interest from the guys definitely surprised us. In a good way!”

This season’s Winter Blanket print is, of course, the brain child of our brilliant design team. Lead Designer Kristin Klier explained that she took inspiration from several different traditional blanket designs, incorporating different elements from each that stood out to her and incorporating them into this unique custom Double D print.

“We did two things to elevate the blanket pattern for this collection,” explained Cheryl. “We put it in velvet, which always adds an element of elegance to anything, and makes a strong statement with the juxtaposition of this strong geometric design against a feminine and luxe fabric. It also, particularly in the broomskirt, makes for beautiful, fluid movement. The other thing we did was to put it in really chic silhouettes. A little bit longer dress, that cool top with the concho collar details, and oh my word, that cape!”

Oh yeah, and we did it in a sock. Finally, a little footie sock for you girls begging for some DDR socks to rock with your ankle booties!

Those of y’all who know our origin story will understand why blanket patterns are inherently important to us and integral to our aesthetic. It was that blanket coat that started it all. We have gotten creative and (in our opinion) done a pretty good job of keeping it fresh and imaginative, year after year, so you can pretty much bet that we’ll never stop reinventing and designing blanket prints. And that we’ll never stop talking about them.

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