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by Halley Sanford November 27, 2022 2 min read

Everyone on your list deserves a little DDR. We have some unique gift ideas this year for hard-to-shop-for guys, gals, and even children in your life!

Not everyone would be delighted with chic vintage jewelry or an amazing outfit under the tree, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give them the gift of Double D.

“This is kind of what I would call our ‘form meets function’ category,” Cheryl said. “I’ve always believed that even your basics can – and should – be beautiful, so I really embrace the idea of making everyday objects elegant and aesthetically pleasing. I think we did that with these gifts, and the best part is, they’re universal! They appeal to both guys and gals, a wide range of ages from children to grandparents, and they are neutral enough to not be niche, ya know? You don’t have to have a specific taste to appreciate these.”


“Not only do I love to create beautiful things, I like when I can hide something ‘not beautiful’ inside something beautiful,” Cheryl said. “For a creative, I really do not like clutter and I am somewhat of a minimalist in my surroundings. My outfits and accessories? No. My environment? Yes. So these boxes are an absolute dream come true for me. Not only are they sleek and chic – clean lines, crisp colors – but they can stash unsightly-but-essential items in a way I like looking at. For instance, we have one on the coffee table we keep our remotes in. I also have a turquoise one on my bedside table where I keep things like Chapstick, a pair of readers, and an extra stylus for late night design doodling. Audrey just added one to her desk full of her endless collection of PaperMates. And obviously, they’re great for things like jewelry or cufflinks or really anything. Even empty, they make great decor!”


“Have I mentioned our family is competitive?” Cheryl laughed. “We will make a competition out of totally banal things, things that should absolutely not be competitive in any way, just to make them more fun or get them done faster. Naturally, we love ALL things that are actually intended to be competitive – board games, card games, dominoes, dice, you name it! – so, these gorgeous game sets spoke to me on multiple levels. A set of dice that you store in a cube that looks like a die? C’mon, that’s awesome. I don’t even really play poker, but I like the idea of it, and our boys do, and those sets were too beautiful to pass up. I have given so many of those as gifts myself. And the cubed Tic-Tac-Toe, oh my gosh, that’s almost a social experiment – display one in a common area and see how long it takes a guest to pick up and change one of those cubes, people cannot resist! The dominoes are probably my personal favorite, though.”

This is just the first installment of a series of DDR Gift Guides coming this holiday season, but it’s probably the most fun. (Like we said, they literally work for anyone on your list!)

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