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February 18, 2023 2 min read 1 Comment

February is American Heart Month and as part of our ongoing initiative to improve our health and create a community of support and wellness, we’ve compiled a handful of ideas for working toward a happy, healthy heart!

Nothing on our list is revolutionary, it’s all stuff we know in the back of our mind, but we can all use a little reminder and encouragement every now and then. We also realize some of these are much easier said than done, but are so important to the overall health of your heart.


Limit your junk food intake.This has been a focus for our family for a while, and we cannot emphasize enough how much better we feel! It’s not even about the weight (though that’s definitely a bonus), but an excess of sodium, added sugars, and saturated fats can contribute to clogged arteries and raised blood pressure.

Try to stress less. Now, this is one of those that’s more easily said than done. Arguably, nobody wants to walk around stressed all the time, but with daily to-do’s and deadlines, it can be hard to make time to manage it. Trust us, even 30 second mindfulness or breathing breaks can have an impact.

Time to kick the cigs. Know that we’re not judging you, we all have our vices (hello, Hi-Chews & Cheetos!), but ladies, we love y’all and want y’all to live forever – quitting smoking is key. Give yourself a goal, set yourself a reward for reaching it (your DDR dream jacket perhaps?), and then make a plan. Smoking cessation resources have made huge strides!


Knowledge is power. Take control of your heart health by keeping an eye on the numbers that impact it: blood pressure, cholesterol, and yes, overall weight. Also, it’s highly recommended to get screened for diabetes; it’s simple to test for and as with most things, can be more easily managed with early detection.

Get your move and groove on! Make a 5-song playlist and dance around your living room. Take your pups for a stroll after dinner. Power-walk (or shop!) through the Stockyards. You don’t have to join a high-intensity Zumba class or be a bodybuilder but aiming to get some exercise at least two days per week can be very helpful for your heart.

Embrace the snooze. Whether you have young kids, long working hours, or are simply one of those night owls that peaks in the overnight hours but still have to live in a day walker's world, getting adequate sleep is an ongoing challenge for most adults. We tend to stop prioritizing it, and yet few things impact our physical and mental health more. We’re challenging you to try to shift one thing in your routine that contributes to clocking a few more Zzzs.

What else are y’all doing to work on your heart health?

1 Response

Carol Stoneburner
Carol Stoneburner

February 20, 2023

Read this complete article. It is great advice for anyone who wants to live a longer healthy life. I am 77. I have been walking since I was 34. Not always in a weekly routine but always pick it back up. Eating is a difficult one but I strive to be able to keep moving and try to eat pretty healthy but of course, slip at times. As older and mature body approaches it is just difficult to get out of a chair, our bodies become stiffer, slower to move about, and for certain not the same energy. If you have not started to make changes in a healthier lifestyle, START tomorrow. It is so important and you can continue to live your best life, no matter your age. Blessings everyone.

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