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February 18, 2023 3 min read

As far as our fave collections go, last fall was one for the books! The Scrapbooks, to be exact.

Eloise was one of, if not the, collection I have been most emotionally invested in and attached to,” Cheryl said. “I think we did her justice, but there is absolutely no way to adequately put that woman or what she meant to me into words. It tugs at my heartstrings every time I see that collection. And Walker, well, Walker was an intensely fascinating deep dive into my roots, my ancestry; I’ve always felt a strong tie to that era and lifestyle in my soul, so learning about it was rewarding in a way I can’t explain. I take a lot of pride in these collections and I’m excited to bring them back to the forefront for a few weeks – and hopefully, my Wolf Pack can score some sale prices on the pieces they missed the first go’round.”

For the next two weeks (Feb 19 - Mar 4), Eloise and Walker apparel* will be available online for 30% OFF! We know it’s been a minute since these collections debuted, so here’s a quick refresher of some of our favorites you’ll get a second chance to snag during the sale.


Whether it’s a biker you just couldn’t bite the bullet on or one of those drool-worthy denim ones, you’re getting a second chance at snagging one of those love-it-for-life jackets. We’re not sure if planning Walker’s wedding has Audrey all in her feels or she’s just distracted, but she let us slip a few fabulous jackets by her that you may be surprised to see on the sale list, so make sure you shop the selection early! (You didn’t hear it from us, but ones like Breakheart Pass, Bar X Car Coat, even the Saddle Tramp Jacket!)


We’re talking about that understatedly awesome Comal Dress. Here’s the thing: some of y’all slept on this dress at first, not sure you could pull it off, and then by the time you started to realize how good it looks on EVERYONE and how many compliments everyone gets on it, we’d moved on to another collection. Well, here’s your chance, sis. Also, the Line Camp Dresses that everybody is in love with will be on sale, the Beatrice Dress that is absolutely darling for spring, and hello, it’s still very much rodeo season: Stockman’s Bill of Sale and Rockne Rodeo are calling your name!


We can preach and praise until we’re blue in the face, but until you shimmy your booty into a pair of DDR pants, you really won’t know what you’re missing. The Adell Pants are that super-chic wide leg silhouette and an absolute dream in terms of comfort. Those Line Camp Pants are – kid you not – impossibly flattering with full-leg wraparound fringe. And how. many. times. must we tell you the Bandit “butter booty” Pants will change your life?! (Full disclosure, the black ones won’t be included in this sale, but the rest are!)

That’s just a very few of our favorites – this sale is FULL of fabulous finds! Ok, on your mark… set… SHOP!

*As always, some exclusions will apply.

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