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March 21, 2021 2 min read 2 Comments

Easter is a mere two weeks away. After a very strange year of lockdown – and if you practice Lent, a very strange start to that! Ash Wednesday was in the midst of a historic, once in a century winter storm – I think it’s safe to say we are all very much looking forward to celebrating a day that signifies resurrection, new life and new beginnings.

There’s another “resurrection” of sorts that’s worth celebrating: the revival of the unrivaled artistry of world-renowned craftsman Oscar Betz. After decades off the grid, Betz is back at his bench, crafting wearable works of art in his signature style of hand-set stone jewelry. And, by the grace of God, when he made his return to the southwestern jewelry scene, he decided to connect with us. For years, we’ve collected Oscar Betz, and now we are blessed to be collaborating with him.

So, what could be more beautiful or symbolic than combining the two? We commissioned Oscar to craft a small collection of colorful cross pins to commemorate the holy holiday. As you might (and should) expect, they are stunning. Instantly recognizable as his work, the “Oscar-obvious” pins are sterling silver crosses featuring a baker’s dozen hand-set stones, each cross having its own unique assortment and arrangement of colorful stones of turquoise and orange and purple spiny oyster.

“These pieces are really meaningful to us,” Cheryl said. “Naturally, because of what they symbolize, but also because although we’ve been working together for a little while, this is the first thing we’ve actually collaborated with Oscar on; us bringing him an idea and him bringing it to fruition. It’s still a little surreal, to be honest. It’s momentous. That’s why we limited it to ten, it feels more significant that way, almost sacred.”

That’s right, only ten of these commemorative crosses are in existence, each unique and each stamped with his signature and numbered by the creator, Oscar Betz himself. So, if your hand is still hovering over “Add to Cart”, it might be prudent to make your move; such a limited supply is unlikely to last long, and you’ll want to have yours in time to don it on a glorious Easter morning.

We are beyond pleased with these pretty pins and eager to see which of our Wolf Pack sisters end up with a token of DDR history!

2 Responses

Pauline Spurgiesz
Pauline Spurgiesz

March 21, 2021

Oscars Jewerly always makes me feel at peace. His earrings and necklaces are the best I have ever worn and I am very proud to be a Oscar Betz follower.


March 21, 2021

A beautiful tribute to a very difficult year. I will be honored to wear this pin in rememberence of my husband who passed last May. And I will receive it in time for our 45th wedding anniversary April 10th.

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