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Come with us to Matagorda

Come with us to Matagorda

Come with us to Matagorda

Wow. We can’t believe it’s finally here. It feels like we’ve been looking ahead toward our 30th Anniversary Collection for so long, that it almost seems surreal that we’re on the precipice of the launch. We have to admit, designing this collection has been different than any other; it’s been moving, reflective, and emotional in a way that not every collection is. It’s brought about fits of laughter recalling unbelievably ridiculous shenanigans from our childhood, it’s brought about gratitude for those “but by the grace of God” challenges we’ve endured, and it’s brought about some strong sentimentality of days gone by and people we’ve lost, namely Dad. 

But it’s here. We’re excited and we’re proud. We’re kicking off the 30th collection, I Go Back, with a trans-seasonal collection dedicated to our roots in Matagorda County.

Matagorda is full of nostalgia, featuring pieces that are personal to us – like an homage to our veteran uncle, and a replica FFA jacket, which was a big part of our youth. It’s a fun expression of patterns – from a colorful mosaic print to an abundance of animal print – and of colors, particularly in one of the most stunning serapes we’ve ever made (and almost didn’t get to). There’s a lot to love and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Now as excited as we are, we’re also utterly exhausted from Nana’s week-long birthday party, so we are taking a couple days to rest and recuperate, and we’re moving the launch to THURSDAY, rather than our usual Tuesday.

So, tune in Thursday, August 6th, at 7:30 p.m. for a Facebook Live line launch of the Matagorda Collection with all the commentary and comedy you’ve come to expect from the McMullen sisters! Don’t forget to RSVP to the Facebook event to be entered in the drawing to win all sorts of Double D goodies and make sure you tune in because you MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN! See y’all then!

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Mrs. A.J. - August 19, 2020

Where are my manners? I completely forgot to add in my last comment, “A VERY HAPPY 30TH ANNIVERSARY!” Y’all are the best and many more.

Paula C Reumont - August 6, 2020

30 year Anniversary! What a special collection and celebration this will be as I get to celebrate my 30 years of following and adoring my Double D! Happy Anniversary and many more!❤️

Deborah - August 6, 2020

I tried to RSVP for the Matagorda launch several times and the link is not available to me, but at least one other person signed up since I tried. It is a shame that I cannot watch it.

Dayna Ryan - August 5, 2020

I cannot wait to see what treasures unfold in this very special collection !

Leisa Fudge - August 3, 2020

I’m RSVP’ing for the Matagora launch Thursday!! I can’t wait!!!

Carol Stoneburner - August 3, 2020

I am sure I am gonna love this line….every piece and color!!!! Can’t wait..

Rebecca Huebner - August 3, 2020

Matagorda County is a special place! So honored you mentioned our home. The years have changed the area some but it’s still an incredible place to live & raise a family. Our best to you girls!

Karen Cash - August 3, 2020

Love that skirt. Good job.

Cecilia Forster - August 3, 2020

I look forward to seeing the New collection

Cecilia Forster - August 3, 2020

I look forward to seeing the New collection

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