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April 02, 2023 4 min read 2 Comments

By now, you’ve probably become enamored with one (or all!) of her one-of-a-kind works featured in Desert Desperado – and you’ve certainly become familiar with her also very talented brother Dolan – so it’s time you get to know the amazing artisan behind the stunning statement pieces created custom for this collection: Brecken Geiman! She’s a primarily self-taught silversmith with deep roots and a strong passion for adventure and aesthetic exploration. Check out our Q&A with her!

DDR: You come from an artistic family -- your mom, Lisa, and of course your older brother Dolan – tell us how growing up in that environment influenced your path and artistic aspirations.

BRECKEN: Growing up in a 200-year-old farmhouse nestled on 17 acres in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia yielded wonderful opportunities to channel our imaginations and creative spirits. I was always intrigued by the local flora & fauna, collecting feathers, dried thistles, making dandelion necklaces, and exploring the creek bed for shells and stones. There was so much abundant creativity and encouragement in our family to channel that artistic spirit. Along with older brothers Dolan and Colby, I spent much time outdoors, exploring, while Mom constantly generated cool art projects and nature-inspired crafts for us, and both parents encouraged a strong bond with mother nature. My desire to design and create had been eternally imprinted on my spirit so being an artist, following in the footsteps of my mother and brother, always felt like an intuitive path to pursue.

DDR: Where else – or from whom – do you find yourself drawing inspiration?

BRECKEN: Beyond drawing inspiration from my roots in the Shenandoah Valley, I’m heavily influenced by my travels spanning from London, Prague, and Paris to the Southwest and Western US. My creative direction is most definitely inspired by fusing my love of travel with mother nature, the bird world, and the fashion design + art world, especially designers such as the late Alexander McQueen, artists Georgia O’Keefe, Mucha, Louise Nevelson, Philip Guston, even Tim Burton. I’m greatly indebted to my brother Dolan for encouraging me to explore the West; as a “sibling artist duo” we have shared many adventures which have certainly expanded my creative repertoire and inspiration.

DDR: The collaboration between you and Double D Ranch is centered around your jewelry creations. How did you develop that passion and skill set? (Silversmithing, stonework, etc.) And how did you discover and begin working with Fordite?

BRECKEN: I grew up in a family of “fashionistas” who adorned themselves with unique jewelry, especially statement pieces, ranging from sparkling Austrian crystal brooches to brilliant turquoise cuff bracelets and rings. At a very young age, I was drawn to vintage and costume jewelry, with its unique designs and array of colorful gemstones. During my college years with a major in art & fashion design, I began experimenting with my own jewelry: focusing on creating wearable art pieces of mixed media, upcycled materials, leather, gemstones with lots color and texture. I was consistently interested in evolving and challenging myself with new techniques. Although I’ve taken a few classes here & there, I am largely self-taught as a jewelry designer.

I’m constantly looking for fresh ideas and learning techniques from the ground up. This led me to pursue the art of silversmithing and working with artisan-made gemstones. Once learning a few of the basic techniques I found my creative wheels just kept spinning and evolving. I keep striving to push through creative boundaries in my work. I found myself drawn to the lapidary works of several unique artisans, one of whom introduced me to the world of Fordite. And what an incredible medium! Coming from a fine arts background and loving mixed media, I thought this would be a wonderfully cool material to incorporate in my designs, especially since each cabochon looks like a miniature abstract work of art. It’s so special, one of a kind, and increasingly rare.

DDR: You brought to life a couple of the characters from the collection -- Protector Owl, the hummingbird -- tell us about manifesting those into your style/vision.

BRECKEN: Having the privilege and opportunity to collaborate with such an incredible company, DDR, alongside my super-talented brother, Dolan Geiman, I wanted to really exemplify the grandiose spirit of both of these brands within the Desert Desperados collection. I also really wanted to enhance and reflect these unique friends of a feather. I drew inspiration from Dolan‘s artwork along with the DDR vibe for the special collection. “Over the Top” Statement Designs are my specialty, (that empathize color, sculptural textures, and bold handcrafted chain links signature to my style/work), so I wanted to create one-of-a-kind pieces that are wearable works of art. These two spirits, the Owl and the Hummingbird definitely exemplify a Boho-Western vibe, and hold great significance to me as they are multi-generational “emblems” of my family heritage: stemming back to my grandparents and great grandmother Ruby, who had a special affection for owls and was a bird lover at heart. I had so much fun playing off of Dolan’s artwork and our shared passion for birds, I wanted to give a new life to these feathered friends so often found in his artwork. My desire was for these to be true statement designs exclusively for DDR, each being a storyteller in their own right; starting with sketches/design roughs, I view these animals as spirit guides, possessing a powerful positive energy, and symbolism to the wearer. The spiritual significance of both birds was extremely important to incorporate. The majestic Owl is a protector of intuition, inner strength and wisdom, while the Hummingbird, small yet mighty, symbolizes joy, beauty, positivity, and powerful resilience.

DDR: What else is on the horizon for you? Where else can fans find you and your work? (Feel free to plug any shows, social media handles, etc!

BRECKEN: I’m gearing up for a summer art festival tour out West focusing on Colorado: Cheesman Park Fine Art Festival in Denver; Aspen Fine Art Festival; Telluride Fine Art Festival (amidst some great hiking & rockhounding with the family). You can find my work on Facebook, Instagram, my website:, and I’m always happy to chat via email!

2 Responses

Lesley Dofflemyer
Lesley Dofflemyer

April 10, 2023

Gorgeous Work by Brecken Geiman. I have several of her beautiful pieces – - – love that they are one of a kind, and created with such detail with lots of love going into each piece!!!!

Lesley Dofflemyer
Lesley Dofflemyer

April 10, 2023

Gorgeous Work by Brecken Geiman. I have several of her beautiful pieces – - – love that they are one of a kind, and created with such detail with lots of love going into each piece!!!!

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