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April 02, 2023 1 min read

Serape is like a floral bouquet, there’s a fundamental formula to it but each iteration is its own unique masterpiece.

Serape is one of those things that’s woven (pun intended) into the fabric of Double D Ranch as a brand; it has always been a key element of our aesthetic. The challenge therein is how do we keep it fresh, alluring and interesting, season after season. Well, to oversimplify the art of it, the key is color and composition; not only the combination of hues, but the way in which they’re arranged in relation to one another, which bands are wide and bold and which are narrow and complementary.

In this collection, we wanted the serape to channel a desert sunset, with warm yellows and dusty oranges, but also bringing in the pickle juice greens and pops of purple to represent prickly pear cacti that pepper the landscape. We worked it into shorts and sundresses to round out the Southwestern summer vibe.

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