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April 02, 2023 2 min read 1 Comment

April showers bring… FALL SALES! Sunshine’s got us in the spring spirit and we’re ready to share some savings. Now through April 8th, you can shop apparel from ALL the 2022 Scrapbooks collections at 30% OFF! And guess what else? Audrey even let us include cashmere this time!

“What can I say? They caught me in a good mood!” Audrey laughed. “The thing is, cashmere is expensive to make, we barely turn a profit as it is, so I’ve been reluctant to put it on sale. But I love mine SO much, and I thought, ‘Ya know what? More people should have the opportunity to own this.’ So I sure hope y’all cash in on the opportunity, because I can’t promise they’ll talk me into it again!”

You heard her, gals – better get it while the gettin’s good! Look, we know we’re all thinking more about swimsuits than sweaters in this weather, but believe you me, you’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t.

What else can you snag in this sale? We teased you with a quick sale on the first two collections earlier this year, but this sale includes ALL FOUR of the Scrapbooks collections. Here’s a quick refresher:


This was the first collection, the transitional from spring to fall, an homage to our Granny Eller, our larger-than-life paternal grandmother who was so near and dear to our heart. The apparel features pretty pinks, plaids, and prairie prints; awesome lightweight jackets and denim with fur; and rustic-romantic vibes in lovely silhouettes.


Talk about cowgirl chic! This collection takes it way back in our ancestry to a great-great-grandfather who was once a drover on the Chisholm Trail. It has a strong presence of longhorns and livestock, nods to old cattlemen's clubs, and an upscale spin on stockyards style.


Oh, this was a fun one – named for an alter ego little Audrey made up when she was about, oh, 5 years old. (Precocious little thing!) Chili Patine’s origin story took place on a road trip to New Mexico, so the apparel channels a lot of that vibe, of the colors and visuals we recall from our childhood adventures. Gorgeous earthy hues, velvets, and imagery of all the wares we remember being in awe of in the plazas.


And finally, there’s Little Mary, the collection we dedicated to our maternal great-grandmother, a quiet hard-working woman who first taught Cheryl to sew. It incorporates significant parts and signature pieces from her life, like portraits of her cantankerous horse, Old Billy, and a chic spin on the lace dress she wore to church every Sunday without fail.

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Carina Spies
Carina Spies

April 04, 2023

I do wish I could buy some of these!!!

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