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December 18, 2022 2 min read

This collection is dedicated to Little Granny (Mary), but we’d be remiss not to give due credit to our Big Granny (Lucille), the woman who birthed – and blessed the world with – our beloved mama, Margie. 

Much like us, Lucille was born into a family of three girls. She was the middle child – the Hedy, if you will – sandwiched between Amelia, the private-schooled prodigal daughter who eloped with one of the ranch hands, and her baby sister, Emma, who was partially crippled but totally coddled. Lucille, on the other hand, was the workhorse of the family; the no-frills, nose-to-the-grindstone sister that kind of kept things running around the farm. If you know Margie, you know that the apple didn’t fall far from that tree; she may have a few more frills – she is the matriarch of a fashion family, after all – but at 82 years old, she is still hands-on and hard-working and in the office every day.

That’s why, when concepting this collection and how Lucille factored into it, the Lucille’s Chore pieces came to mind.

“Hard work was one of her defining characteristics,” Cheryl said. “I distinctly remember a dress she often wore when she was doing house and field work, her ‘choring dress’, so we designed it with a chic spin, but kept that simple straight-line shift silhouette and rough-out hem for character. We did the same with the pant and the jacket as well, kept simple lines and raw hems but we did them in a subtle corduroy which I think gives them vintage vibes. Big Granny was never one for frills or fashion, but she had such a presence in our lives and instilled that relentless work ethic, so it was imperative to me that she be a part of this collection; I think we worked her into it authentically.”

We’ve never been shy about how much we adore and admire our mama, but in exploring the Scrapbooks collections, we’ve been reminded just how remarkable the women in our family tree are, generation after generation. If we do nothing else in this lifetime, we aim to leave a legacy deserving of our lineage.

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