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December 18, 2022 2 min read

Is it just us, or is time passing so strangely these days? Perhaps we have the pandemic to blame, 2020 felt like it was a decade long, and then ever since, it seems like time is gaining speed! Anyway, all that to say – holy moly, it’s almost Christmas! If it snuck up on you like it did us this year, fret not, my friend! There is still time to get some Double D under the tree.

First and foremost, TAKE NOTE: the LAST DAY to order and get it by Christmas* is MONDAY, DECEMBER 19TH.

So, if you’re reading this in time to get it in on the truck, you can take the guesswork out of gifting with these GIFTS THAT ARE GUARANTEED TO FIT:

The Cashmere Cape

Everyone loves a little bit of luxe and our Cashmere Cape is this fur-trimmed beauty is the epitome of elegance. It’s designed to fit oversized, so you have a really wide margin for error in guessing S/M or L/XL, and it’s one of those garments they’ll love for life!

Jewelry, Jewelry, Jewelry!

This one is a no-brainer, right? Every lady loves to unwrap a fun bauble or beautiful statement piece on Christmas morning. Oscar earrings, cluster cuffs, a statement squash blossom – we promise you’re going to be her Holiday Hero!

Stock up on socks

Ok, this one is a little less mind-blowing and we definitely don’t recommend this being *the* gift for your loved one, but if you’re scrambling for just a little something extra, that last-minute stocking stuffer, DDR socks are always a hit. (You know what else is a great *extra* to open? Scarves!)


Listen, we think gift cards get a bad rap for being ‘impersonal’, but we couldn’t disagree more! What is more thoughtful than essentially saying, “Here, honey, I want you to get exactly what YOU want this year!”? It’s also a great way to help her toward that big ticket item she’s been eyeing, it’s always a little easier to pull the trigger on a large purchase when you have a chunk of it handled. Still feeling like you’d rather do something a little more personal to your person? Get with Customer Service about a gift certificate for something specific, like her own custom Oscar earrings or a pair of boots. Or better yet – pair the gift card with a promise of a trip to Fort Worth so she can spend it at the flagship store!


Alright, so maybe you missed the shipping deadline, but you know that special someone is counting on there being some Double D under the tree this year – we’ve got you. E-Gift Cards are instant! Just choose your dollar amount, check out, and boom! The gift of style is right there in their inbox.

*Technically, this is how long it takes FedEx Ground to get to California, so that’s the deadline to be safe. However, if you find yourself in a major bind after Monday, call Customer Service and we can look at options for expedited and overnight shipping for a fee, depending on where you’re located.

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