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by Halley Sanford December 18, 2022 2 min read

Little Granny (as we kids called Mary) had one dedicated Sunday dress and she, without fail, for as long as we can remember, wore the same black dress to church every single week. It was her unwavering church uniform in a sense and it came to be a reliable, almost reassuring outfit of our childhood. It was this specific dress of hers that inspired the gorgeous lace pieces in this collection.

“It’s simply not something that’s done these days,” said Cheryl. “It would probably feel absurd to wear the same thing to the same outing week after week. But it wasn’t absurd back then at all, and in a way it was lovely, reverent almost. I can still picture Little Granny’s ‘going to church dress’ and I think in hindsight, it is symbolic of Mary herself – practical, feminine, and godly. The lace dress was one of the very first pieces I envisioned when I began concepting this collection. Of course it has a modern spin to it, but it still has that demure femininity that is inherent to lace.”

When reimagining Little Mary’s Lace Dress, we wanted to capture that early Texas charm, that ladylike delicate vibe, and then give it a balance of classic and modern. Long length and long sleeves lend an elegance to it, but leaving the yoke and bottom tier sheer also adds an edge that is further balanced by the ruffles, the demure buttons and collar. We actually surprised ourselves with the versatility of this dress – it manages to work for and appeal to all ages and multiple body types, it can get dressed up by adding some heels and dainty dangle earrings or dressed down with a denim jacket, chunky concho belt, and your favorite boots, and it works year round. And, even being the exact same dress, each hue has its own distinct vibe – the Black is a bit edgy, the Slate Blue has a softer feel, and the String could go so far as wedding attire.

Whether it’s to Sunday service or Sunday brunch, we can’t wait to see all the ways you wear this little lace beauty!

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