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May 17, 2020 2 min read 1 Comment


Remember the Giant collection? (We know, it feels like a million years ago to us, too.) The fabulous fall line that was full of grit and glamour, and that paid homage to the 1956 classic starring the legendary James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor? Ahhh, now it’s coming back to ya.

Well, you might want to refresh your memory because it’s all about to be available once again – and at a discount. That’s right – Wildcatter, Cattlemen, Riata, and even the ultra-luxe Baron’s Ball. It’s all on sale, starting today.

Since 2020 has been about 14 years long so far, Giant kind of feels like a distant memory, so here’s a crash course in some of the fall favorites you can now snag on sale.


From cardigans to the Cactus Cat and the revival of the Alamo Scout, Giant had a jacket for the likes of every fashionista.


In the fall collection, we premiered a couple of emerging trends that we were seeing on runways (still are, actually): patchwork and prairie prints. Giant masterfully incorporated both in some of the collection’s most beloved dresses.


We should just go ahead and deem this Cheryl’s category – she’s got a widely renowned love for her Rayados (y’all remember the saga of the missing pair) and her overalls! Honestly, we can’t blame her for either one, they’re fabulous!


Two words: leather and fringe! In the Giant collection, we were all about asymmetrical hemlines and unexpected embellishments. A leather skirt is fabulous and daring on its own, but making it in a blue goat suede or trimming it in long fringe? That’s a whole new level of fabulous. If it can’t be seen from across the street it’s not worth wearing, right?


Oh man, it’s impossible to narrow these down to a few favorites! The simplicity of the black-and-white Rowels Tunic. The Wolf Pack spirit in the Born Free Tee. The angled and fringed hem of the Baron’s Bird Top. The sheer beauty of the Grass Rope Top. And does a vest count as a top? Because we plan on using the fabulous pattern and long length of the Helotes Vest to camouflage these quarantine love handles until we get back on track!

No matter what you’re in the market for, you can find it in the fall collection – and on sale! If you missed something from Giant the first time around, don’t make the same mistake again; now’s your chance to carpe that diem and “add to cart”!

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Carina Spies
Carina Spies

May 17, 2020

Although I cannot buy any, it really is a new kinda fabulous to me!! ♥️♥️♥️

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